AFM Film Panel

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AFM Film Panel Promo, Santa Monica, Nov 2009

CONTACT: Sophia or Charles Stone, 702-588-9058, Tiger News Service, Las Vegas, NV


“Turning the Inside Out”: Believable Experience Speaks for Itself


Ever wish you had first-hand, insider knowledge on cover ups, unsolved mysteries and exciting discoveries? This panel of patriotic activists and media consultants reveals crucial insights that dynamically connect the dots of hidden history with its reverberating effects. These ‘players’ share their dark secrets with the general public on geopolitics, covert activities, clandestine, blue sky and medical research, mind control, and more. They can address virtually every relevant hot topic of media or citizen inquiry.


Inspirational speaker, LEUTRELL OSBORNE, SR., one of the first African American case officers in the CIA, has appeared as an expert on CNN, BET and radio. His specialties include espionage, merging of intelligence with police, transnational crimes, civil rights, the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination, drug wars, anti-covert action, and Cointel Pro-like domestic spying. Serving CIA for 27 years in the Cold War era, the spy manager supervised agents on three continents in 30 countries. Currently, Leutrell Osborne & Associates (LOA) provides security consulting, mentors aspiring Federal contractors, and promotes an Espionage Entertainment Enterprise (Dark Operative Series; Black Man in the CIA).


Microbiologist, CHARLES STONE is an entrepreneur and investigator in Washington D.C., speaking and publishing internationally on weapons of mass destruction, pandemics, global mind control, biowarfare, WWII arcana, Constitutional rights, due process in education, health care reform, and other Federal operations. Freedom, accountability, fairness and Constitutionality are his issues. As Deputy Director of D.C. thinktank Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU), he worked with the Federal Government to apply innovative approaches to national problems including AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse, cancer and more. From the early ‘70s, MRU pioneered psychotronics, biocybernetics, biophysics, psycho-physiology, accelerated learning, psi and mind-body research.


Hypnotherapist, IONA MILLER is a researcher and popular writer in future science, intelligence and esoterics. She analyzes the collective psyche and cultural effects of geopolitics, religion, science, art and psychology. The ‘spywhisperer’ has appeared in Nexus and Paranoia, authored several books and international publications. A futurist, analyst, MRU associate and LOA consultant, specialties of this “Meta Hari” include social engineering, pop culture, pop physics and psychology, media ecology, psi research, esoteric espionage, New Age critique, cults, PSYOPS, mind control countermeasures, creativity, mindbody, well-being, and extraordinary human capacities. (The Modern Alchemist; Magical & Ritual Use of Perfumes).                           

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About the AFM

The business of independent motion picture production and distribution - a truly collaborative process - reaches its peak every year at the American Film Market. Over 8,000 industry leaders converge in Santa Monica for eight days of deal-making, screenings, seminars, red carpet premieres, networking and parties. Participants come from over 70 countries and include acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, festival directors, financiers, film commissioners, producers, writers, the world’s press all those who provide services to the motion picture industry.

Founded in 1981, the American Film Market (AFM) has grown steadily to become the premiere global marketplace where Hollywood’s decision-makers and trendsetters all gather under one roof. Unlike a film festival, the AFM is a marketplace where production and distribution deals are closed. In just eight days, more than $800 million in deals will be sealed — on both completed films and those that haven’t started shooting yet — making AFM the must-attend industry event.

The AFM transforms Santa Monica. The Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel and the Le Merigot Beach Hotel are converted into a busy marketplace. All 23 screens on the Santa Monica Promenade and the surrounding community become AFM screening rooms for the entire eight-day event and eight digital and video screening rooms are added just for the AFM. Participants may view more than 900 screenings of approximately 500 films - 31 new films every two hours - the majority of them world or U.S. premieres. Titles range from big budget blockbusters that will be released by the major studios in the U.S., to lower budget art and genre films recognized at international film festivals, all destined for theaters and television around the world.

With 8,000 attendees, 900 screenings, and seminars programmed by leading industry organizations, the American Film Market continues to be the pivotal destination for independent filmmakers and business people from all over the world.


2009: November 4 - 11
2010: November 3 - 10
2011: November 2 - 9
2012: October 31 - November 7

Where: Santa Monica, California

The American Film Market is produced by the Independent Film & Television Alliance,

MIB Charles Stone & WIB Iona Miller