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October 30, 2009

Try my META HARI blog at

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Are we frying in microwaves?

July 18, 2009

Would you stick your head in a microwave oven? Well would you? Of course not.

Technology has transformed this planet into an open microwave system with its satellite transmissions. This book examines what the health consequences are. This book simply points out that the gradual rise in illness across broad geographic areas are an early indicator of microwave illness, independently of what the experts lead you to believe. The handwriting is already on the wall and most of know that something is wrong. This book discusses in simple terms the effects of microwave radiation on the human body. I utilize dosimetry studies done by the US Air Force, which outline in clear terms what organs of the body are most vulnerable to cumulative microwave exposure. I outline the mechanisms by which slow exposure is masquerading as various illnesses across this country.

We are on the verge of a health care crisis which threatens to bankrupt our society and health care system. Whether we like to consider it or not the planet that we are living on has been transformed into an open microwave system.

In this book I examine the common link between microwave radiation and seemingly unrelated illnesses. The...

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Old Interview Retrieved

July 10, 2009


A Discussion on Magical Formulae
Edited by C. Dana Evans

I met Rick Miller online in an AOL class on Metaphysics.  He totally intrigued me with his quantum understanding of magick.  With nine new publications out this Spring, Rick Miller is "cooking."  He is a keynote speaker at the Mensa Conference in Portland, Oregon on April 22nd.  The topic?  How aphrodisiacs actually work, chemically!  The three book series published by Inner Traditions on the Magickal and Ritual Use of Perfumes, Herbs, and Aphrodisiacs are still respected authorities in the arena of the occult, according to Stuart Weinberg of Seven Stars Bookstore, 731 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Mass.  I talked with Stuart in January, 2000, and he had this to say:
[Seven Stars Bookstore has]..."carried Rick Miller's books for years.  His books were classics before there were 30 other books competing for reader's attention on the subject.  His material still does exceptionally well in this arena.  His Aphrodisiac book is certainly 'kick ass.'  The sexual focus has certainly been elevated in recent years, and again, Rick [and Iona'a] books were there before there were others, so certainly Rick has had a seminal influence in a...

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Conceptual Model of Paranormal

June 27, 2009

December 4, 2002 (This paper was originally written in 1980 and then published in Archaeus in 1983)


by: Jack Houck


There is no question but that today's "hard" science has progressed to the point where it can describe our everyday reality very well. Much progress is now being made in the human, or "soft," sciences as well, and many models have been formulated in an attempt to expand the currently accepted understanding of physics, a so-called hard science, to include consciousness of the human mind.

The particular interest of the author for the past 22 years* has been trying to understand and explain those paranormal phenomena that have been labeled remote viewing, telepathy, mind reading, psychometry, psychokinesis, and psychic healing.

When a literature review and experiments suggested that there might well be something to paranormal (sometimes referred to as "psychic)" phenomena, efforts were turned toward improving the reliability of experiments in these areas as well as applying and understanding these phenomena. Initial experiments were in remote viewing (Reference 1), which involves a subject attempting projection of his mind to a remote location to describe the scene. Dr. Harold Puthoff and...


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You turn me on; i'm a radio

June 27, 2009

Tune In To This: Weizmann Institute Study  Provides Evidence
For A Radio-Like Mechanism In The  Brain


("....  Institute scientists have found evidence that  when the
brain interprets sensory input, it uses a mechanism  remarkably
similar to that of an FM radio.

....  "We found that certain circuits in the brain work  on the
same principle as an FM radio," says Dr. Ahissar.

.... "The brains of primates contain similar oscillating  cells,
which are tuned to the characteristic frequencies  generated
when the fingertips run against an external object,"  says
Ahissar.  "Thus, the human brain could use similar  FM-radio-like
mechanisms to process information obtained through  touch
and perhaps through other senses as well." ....")

_Tune In To  This: Weizmann Institute Study Provides Evidence For A
Radio-Like M_ (


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Scars to Freedom March 28th

March 15, 2009

Dear Friends,
After outgrowing our first Scars to Freedom venue set for Saturday, March 28th, we have moved to the Palm Springs Air Museum to accommodate a military fly-over. 

Our line-up currently includes: MegadethMick Fleetwood of Fleetwood MACBobby Brown & Heads of State, and Aaron Lewis of Staind.
Additionally, First Lady Michelle Obama will be providing remarks as Mary Hart announced Friday night on CBS's Entertainment TonightA copy will be posted on our website soon. 
Our sponsors to date include PepsiCo, Entertainment Tonight, Rolling StoneTicketmaster, Mix Radio 100.5 FM, and KDES 104.7 FM. Both radio stations will do 60-second promos 10 times per day for the 10 days leading up to the event. Additionally, each station will give away a pair of tickets during next week's morning drive time. 

Participating celebrities include Jack Black, Jason Davis, Brittny Gastineau, Lisa Gastineau, Mary Hart, Paris HiltonQueen Latifah, Sofia Milos, Michelle Obama, Gary Sinise, Suzanne Somers, Carrie Underwood and a yet to be mentioned major A-list celebrity.
If you are a Veteran or Troop, see online email...

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DMT Psychoactive Compound Activates Mysterious Receptor

February 13, 2009

The journal article is attached.  Below is a news report on the
findings, oh and GO BADGERS!.

Psychoactive Compound Activates Mysterious Receptor

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A hallucinogenic compound found in a plant indigenous to South
America and used in shamanic rituals regulates a mysterious protein
that is abundant throughout the body, University of Wisconsin-
Madison researchers have discovered.

The finding, reported in the Feb. 13 issue of Science, may
ultimately have implications for treating drug abuse and/or
depression. Many more experiments will be needed, the researchers

Scientists have been searching for years for naturally occurring
compounds that trigger activity in the protein, the sigma-1
receptor. In addition, a unique receptor for the hallucinogen,
called dimethyltryptamine (DMT), has never been identified.

The UW-Madison researchers made the unusual pairing by doing their
initial work the "old-fashioned," yet still effective, way. They
diagrammed the chemical structure of several drugs that bind to the
sigma-1 receptor, reduced them to their simplest forms and then
searched for possible natural molecules with the same features.
Biochemical, physiological and behavioral experiments proved that
DMT does, in fact, activate the sigma-1 receptor.

"We have no idea at present if or how the sigma-1 receptor may be... [More]

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Intelligence Reform

January 17, 2009

By Jack Devine Monday, February 18, 2008; Page A17 It's time to take another look at the intelligence changes made after Sept. 11, 2001, and their impact on our intelligence capabilities and leadership at home and abroad. It has been three years since the intelligence community was reorganized with passage of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act in December 2004, and the results are not encouraging. In fact, the leadership issue has become even more muddled. The big problem with the new, two-headed intelligence structure surfaced again last month when Mike McConnell, the director of national intelligence (DNI), and CIA Director Michael Hayden traveled to Islamabad to try to persuade Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf to authorize an increased CIA presence and operational activity in the unruly Northwest Frontier, a safe haven for the Taliban and the presumed home of Osama bin Laden. They reportedly returned empty-handed. It's hard to imagine that this important initiative benefited from having a tandem presentation by two directors of intelligence organizations. A strong intelligence message in a foreign setting is best delivered by an unequivocal, single voice of authority. This leadership dilemma was brought about by the "reform" legislation that grew out of Sept.... [More]

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New Nostradamus

December 1, 2008

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita is a political scientist, professor at New York University, and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. He specializes in international relations, foreign policy, and nation building. He is also one of the authors of the selectorate theory.

He has founded a company, Mesquita & Roundell, that specializes in making political and foreign-policy forecasts using a computer model based on game theory and rational choice theory. He is also the director of New York University's Alexander Hamilton Center for Political Economy.


professor of political science at New York University and a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution. Bruce Bueno de Mesquita is also called by many, with a straight face, the "New Nostradamus."

The previous Nostradamus was a 16th Century Frenchman who used astrology and visions gotten from meditations and then wrote the resulting predictions of the future down in a series of obscurely worded quatrains that have been the subject of controversy and discussion for centuries. Bruce Bueno de Mesquita uses a mathematical formula based on years of research in political science and using games theory to predict future political developments. While Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and his...


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Manipulation and Technology Sadden, Revolutionary Changes Gladden

November 11, 2008

Manipulation and Technology Sadden, Revolutionary Changes Gladden
by Jan Lundberg
Culture Change Letter #212

Sorry to spoil the Democrat victory-party's afterglow, but U.S. society is
still subject to the masquerade of objective news coverage and
editorializing that cover up the deepest problems. We the people did not
usher in a non-corporate state on November 4th. The question was not even
allowed to be posed: how could an election possibly change the
socioeconomic power-structure?

The pitiful consumer of news is still bombarded with propaganda, much of
it appearing to be reasonable. To be tolerant here of a mistaken
worldview, we can say the "news" and prevailing views of the media may
just reflect myopic ignorance of history, or, the slick jabber is cynical
mind-control to try to steer the "herd" away from the open gate of the
pen. We are being manipulated by those who (1) have an agenda for
status-quo continuation and (2) who surface as harbingers of change that
suits their preconceived notions acceptable to those controlling mass
media. Example:

Clintonite commentator Robert Reich wrote on Nov. 9, "This is not the
Great Depression of the 1930s, but nor is it turning out to be merely a
bad... [More]

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