Lumen Naturae

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Iona Miller's SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY Series
Novum Lumen Naturae:
Illumination, Virtual Photon Fluctuation and Biophotons
by Iona Miller, 4/2009

Paradigms serve important integrative psychological and social functions. They help us read the sacred pages in the Book of Nature. Wisdom traditions explore the same territory of natural philosophy with spiritual technologies. Virtual photons and photons are the key to biology. Photons bridge the gap between physics, biology and philosophy. How do the alchemists know? They simply look inside themselves. We are all evidence of that Brilliance.

Now science is catching up with spiritual tech. Biophotonics is a rapidly increasing field of current scientific research and applications, based on the discovery of biophotons, a permanent, weak photon current emanating from all living systems. The biophoton emission reflects some, if not all, of the essential biological and physiological activities in biological systems. Biophotonics provides a powerful tool for investigating electromagnetic interactions. The theoretical approach requires holistic models of living systems, rather than local analytical models. Consequently, these new insights into living matter create a new basis of "integrative biophysics" that is concerned with the questions of regulation, communication and organization of biological systems.


God redeems humanity,
but nature needs to be redeemed by human alchemists,
who are able to induce the process of transformation,
which alone is capable of liberating the light imprisoned in physical creation.

Stephan Hoeller

(Gnosis, Vol. 8, Summer 1988)


Dark Sparks

FIAT LVX! Only light is omnipresent and eternal. Science now confirms what the alchemists knew centuries ago that it is more than metaphorical. The meaning of Life is Light. Absolute Light, archetypal divine fire, radiates from the Tree of Life as the vital formative principle. The light of earth and heaven, the animating power, mingle in our consciousness. The Light fulfills us and we are fulfilled in its revelation. It shines through us.

Behold, the natural light of natural philosophy, the study of nature in all her dimensions. As Homo Lumen we intentionally cultivate and realize the Body of Light, the diamond vehicle of consciousness. Alchemy is the sensuous science through which we love that natural light into being, even as Lumen Naturae kindles ourselves. The light is our connection to all that is wholly existant and our own immortality. In fact, there is nothing else but this light of grace and glory that complements the celestial light. Mending this division makes us whole.

Internal Sun

The full force of the clear Light of the Divine would blind us, but it is mediated by the Lux Naturae which is always with us. Only in this new millennium have we learned just how literal it is. Light is hidden in matter and the forces of nature, so you must seek and see it for yourself. We must cultivate it like an artist. Our medium is the energy body; our means spiritual technology for the soft machine. By this secret fire, the living balsam of nature is brought forth from darkness to light.

In the One World of alchemy, inner and outer light are identical, seamlessly wed like Luna and Sol in illumined lunacy. The light within life is our own awareness, mediated by our energy bodies (field body) which fills each particle of being. Direct communication is healing, realigning body and soul. We finally come to our senses. When we sit in meditation we come to know the meaning of scintillae and the light of the darkness. We see it gleaming beyond the Abyss that distinguishes being from nondual unmanifest existence.

Matter is composed of and utterly dependent on organic light that fills the universe and our bodies. The Great Work is an operation of Light. This light has an earthly and spiritual aspect, psychosomatic and archetypal nature. This meaningful light of our own darkness is the holy Grail, the diamond Stone, the curative Elixir that links our ego-experience and spiritual unity. Self-knowledge is the science of Creation.

Star of David

The Lux Natura is a revelation of living Light and source of true knowledge. But this light is hidden like a secret since it is experiential not merely conceptual. Now you see it, now you don't. This Hermetic secret is in the power and the power is in the secret. Mystic knowledge can only be known directly by initiation, not merely explained.

One must deeply comprehend the nature of the Hermetic language and make the journey to one's own depths. Only the Light of Darkness illuminates our depths. Only by comprehending its nature can we comprehend our own. We learn from astral vision, beginning in self-initiation leading toward emergent psychedelic illumination (peacock's tail), which heralds the final stage of stabilized integration by uniting the opposites of the black and white stages. It can happen gradually or suddenly. Soul and Spirit rise into the Mystic.

This sacred light is personified as the androgynous Mercurius, the soul guide, with his shining torch that lights the Way, the scintillating fire of nature. This spirit of life comes to us as that secret light. Lumen Naturae is the Heart of Mercurius, the meaning in experience. This Mercurial spirit, the bringer of light, is the key element of transformation, but only for those with the highest aspirations.

Meditation releases the photobiochemical imagination-stimulating spirit molecule of the pineal gland, associated with illumination -- DMT. Its luminescence is more than an image of regeneration; it is the Elixir of Life. Effects include blinding white light, access to seeminly infinite dimensions of awareness, a rush of irridescent colors, encounters with demonic and angelic entities, ecstatic emotions, timelessness, heavenly sounds, feelings of having died and being reborn, contacting a powerful and loving presence underlying all of reality. You are essentially "another" person. The Homunculus thrives as the Divine Child, expressing the potential of ever-renewing self.

Sense of Wonder

Meditation modulates pineal activity, eliciting a standing wave through resonance effects that coordinates other brain centers with both chemicals and electromagnetism. Resonance is induced in the pineal gland using electric, magnetic, or sound energy, resynchronizing both hemispheres of the brain, resulting in a chain of synergetic harmony that releases DMT, an endogenous psychedelic. Curiously, this gland -- the Third Eye -- is light sensitive and actually has a lens, cornea, and retina.

The mindbody is electronic, but it is rooted in the luminosity of its invisible ground. Living systems are very sensitive to tiny energy fields and resonance phenomena, both locally and at a distance. They allow the cells of the body to work together instantaneously and symphonically. All biological processes are a function of electromagnetic field interactions. EM fields are the connecting link between the world of form and resonant patterns. EM fields embody or store gestalts, patterns of information. Biochemical action and bioelectronic action meet at the quantum-junction.

Alchemists work hard and long to find and release the dark light hidden in matter and the forces of nature -- the Lumen Naturae, or light of nature that is also chthonic, that is, buried in matter. This dark light is hidden because it is of the Void, metaphysical, non-observable virtual photon fluctuation and biophysical manifestations -- biophotons. This radiant wisdom Stone mediates between psyche and soma, the interaction of spirit and matter.

Soft Radiance

Lumen naturae is the radiant basis of life. Self-organisation is a term for those types of pattern forming systems which are driven by a constant input of energy. All atoms and molecules undergo continuous Brownian motion and so collide with each other. Movements of single cells, cell division and cell locomotion, as well as the movements of multicellular organisms such as animals and plants are based on the cooperative action of many molecular motors driven by Brownian motion. Man-ifestation.

Psychological images meet outer facts in physical knowledge. From the Heart of Darkness springs the Light, and we are That. Virtual Photon Fluctuation is the Source of the photons that form and sustain our Being. We are truly Light Beings: Homo Lumen. We literally inhabit and embody a Temple of Living Light, which is interconnected with the deepest level of Cosmos. We are shiny Diamonds of Rainbow Light. We are made in the Images of its Brilliance.

The Shining

Lumen naturae illuminates consciousness and is heralded by emergent scintillae or sparks of light before illumination becomes stabilized. We are beings of living Light. We can articulate a contemporary as well as medieval perspective on alchemy. The new view of physics (energy science) is grounded in scalar electromagnetics, the potential of ZERO-POINT energy. It is not qualitatively different from the hidden light in any way.

Multiple realities contain all possibilities, but in enfolded or virtual states. This theory alleges that there are clustered worlds, which are three-dimensional to an observer within them, yet virtual to an observer from outside. Hyperspace dimensions are orthogonally rotated (90 degrees) in respect to one another. Selecting a frame, or cube of space, facilitates access.

When we consider the vastness of space, we perceive emptiness due to our relative position in this universe. The Void is actually densely packed with virtual energy which awaits translation, or transduction into our observable 3-dimensional reality. These energies or entities appear as virtual because they are unobservable through ordinary means. Crosstalk across these channels is the basis for the collective unconscious, paranormal phenomena, and the manifestation of our material world.

Like philosophy, physics is not any absolute description of Truth. Rather, both disciplines invite us to "Look at it this way." So does alchemy. This approach is very much in line with the long-standing tradition of speculative Qabala and Hermetic philosophy.

Numen & Lumen

The light spans from ethical instinct to mystic illumination. Paracelsus declares, "And as little as aught can exist in man without the divine numen, so little can aught exist in man without the natural lumen. A man is made perfect by numen and lumen and these two alone. Everything springs from these two, and these two are in man, but without them man is nothing, though they can be without man."

Dorn states, "For the life, the light of men, shineth in us, albeit dimly, and as though in darkness. It is not to be extracted from us, yet it is in us and not of us. But of Him to Whom it belongs, Who deigns to make us his dwelling place. . . . He has implanted that light in us that we may see in its light the light of Him Who dwells in inaccessible light, and that we may excel His other creatures; in this wise we are made like unto Him, that He has given us a spark of His light. Thus the truth is to be sought not in ourselves, but in the image of God which is within us."

In Sanguis Naturae (1696), Christopher Grummet says, "And forasmuch as none as none are permitted to touch the Mysteries of Nature with foul Fingers; therefore it behooves all who attempt such matters, to lay aside their Natural Blinders (from which, by the Light of the Holy Scripture and a steadfast Faith, they may be freed) that being the means by which the Holy Spirit doth clearly make manifest the most profoundly hidden light of Nature; which Light alone lays open the way to the Wisdom of Nature, and to unlock the most abstruse Mysteries thereof."

Flux & LVX

This holistic theoretical framework (physics, biology, philosophy) includes the idea that we are light-enabled technology -- Photonic Humans. The mass of the physical body exists because there is some informational code of access to an unlimited source of energy mediated by Light. All mass is interaction. Related photic phenomena are described using the informational, material and energetic characteristics of existence, plus the complexity and entropy characteristics of dynamic development.

The organization of any biological system is established by a complex electrodynamic field which is, in part, determined by its subquantal components. This field, in turn, determines the behavior and orientation of of psychophysical being. DNA is our antenna. This dynamic is mediated initially through wave-based genomes where DNA functions as the holographic projector of the psychophysical system, a quantum biohologram. Supersymmetry points to a deep link between the quantum realm of particle physics and the quasi-classical realm of protein assembly.

An interdisciplinary spiritual meta-theory and correlation is also proposed. It seems we do literally come from sacred Light and Sound (Word, Logos) as many traditions assert. It is neither figurative nor metaphorical. Is space absolute and generative (a sea of virtual particles in the vacuum) or is it a generated domain (spacetime)? Are there veils of negative existence? Is the groundstate Consciousness, Sacred or Divine?

Natural Light

ABSOLUTE SPACE, the womb of Nature.
Virtual Photon Fluctuation, boundary layer where nothing becomes something.
Photons, the basic unit of energy and cosmos.
Biophotons, radiant basis of life.
Bioplasma, state of matter/energy, bioluminescent EM medium.
Photonic Body, biohologram of coherent Light and Sound.
Illuminative Sacred Light from Pineal DMT.

What IS-IS, and it is Radiant. In the Now there is something Brilliant. Fathomless numbers of scintillating points of light outnumber the stars.

The nature of embodiment is light. The deep nature of the Photonic Body, the energy body, is this same Light. We all have a light-filled body, but more are real-I-zing that Light is our truly fundamental nature. We can embody the evidence of that Brilliance. We are nothing but Brilliance; "Nothing," but Brilliance. Transformation is real-I-zation at ever-deeper levels of existence. Yet psychological resistance is as real as electrical resistance.

Absolute space is the womb of creation and the physics of virtual photon fluctuation reflects not only Nature, but our nature. Spiritual traditions have spoken about emanation within the Divine and Illumination since the dawn of human history. But only now are we learning just how literal that experience of Light is, and the interactive mechanisms it engages in our holistic psychophysical Being. For millennia humans have perceived it, cultivated it and now we can demonstrate existence of this subtle energy.

Psychomagnetic Bioluminescence

At the very core of ourselves deep within our Photonic Body, Inner Light is the Effulgence of its Brilliance, and we are That. Our subatOMic nature is Pure Radiant Light with no separation from Cosmos. Signals rooted in ZPE in the light and sound frequencies form and mobilize the body and mind. The whole stable world of matter is sustained at each instant by this underlying sea of quantum light fluctuations of empty space.

Zero-point fields drive particle motion and that collective cosmic motion generates the zero-point fields. These simultaneous meta-level dynamic interconnections call us to search for a better understanding of the apparent illusion we call Reality. We must turn to the metaphysical Void for our answers. But the Void is only the absence of everything except real existence, the nonlocal micro-matrix, the Mother Luminosity of the Universe.

Postluminal Field Body

Quantum Bioholography, biofields, bioluminescence

ABSOLUTE SPACE, the womb of Nature. The fundamental, primordial groundstate; the physical vacuum, not just absence of matter; absolute nature. Plenum/Void. Metaphysical Being. Subspace. Singularity. Unborn luminous emptyness. Ground Reality. Self-Effulgence. In Kabbalah, Three Veils of Negative Existence: Ain (Nothing), Ain Soph (Limitless Nothing), and Ain Soph Aur (Limitless Light). Ain is the primordial nondual basis of the Universe; emanating from it (but existing simultaneously with it) is Ain Soph, infinite but at a lower level of abstraction than the primordial. The final emanation is Ain Soph Aur, "the Boundless Light," primordial light, Shekinah. In Eastern thought: Logos, Shabd and Nam, Mother Luminosity, Immortal Light, Clear Light, Intrinsic Radiance, Naked Existence.

ZPE Virtual Photon Fluctuation is the boundary layer where nothing becomes something. Vacuum fluctuation, virtual photon fluctuation, scalar field, subspace, ZPE, Brownian Motion. Source of photons blinking into and out of existence from Absolute Space. Zero-point energy is made up of photons created by all those electrons in distant stars. Virtual photons in space are created by the motions of other electrons, mainly by “distant matter.” Each zigzag of a local electron is actually a nonlocal communication between it and distant matter. Each quantum photon consists of many photon pulses, which are collectively the ZPE of the vacuum of space. Emanation.
Light is the first thing to emerge from the Unknown. Particle/antiparticle annhiliation. Likewise, the entire world of experience constantly appears and disappears every moment. Fohat. Brownian motion. Flux.

PHOTONS are the basic unit of energy and cosmos. A photon is a single particle of light. The radiant ground is the fundamental source beyond the boundary layer of quantum foam. Photons are the self-luminous manifestation of Absolute Space. Plants, animals and humans generate up to 100 photons per second, per .15 square inches (1 sq. centimeter) of surface area.
Basic quantal unit of energy and cosmos. Light possesses energy but has no mass. Einstein’s equations predict that from light’s own point of view time has stopped, and distance has shrunk to zero. So all light knows is now. It doesn't exist in time and space as we do. Light, somehow, lies beyond the world of space, time, and matter. It is not part of the material world. Lux.

Electromagnetic waves are carried by particles called quanta. By using particle theory electromagnetic radiation can be examined as if it were composed of small particles of energy called quanta. Finite bundles, quanta of light are called photons. Though they can demonstrate particulate properties they are believed to be massless. However, though photons do not have mass, they do have momentum. The discrete 'particle' properties of Matter and Light (quanta) are in fact caused by Standing Wave interactions. Radiation.

BIOPHOTONS. Light is stored in the cells of organisms, in DNA molecules of their nuclei. A dynamic web of light constantly released and absorbed by the DNA connects cell organelles, cells, tissues, and organs within the body and serves as the organism's main communication network and as the principal regulator for all life processes.
Radiant basis of life. Self-organization is a term for those types of pattern forming system which are driven by a constant input of energy. All atoms and molecules undergo continuous Brownian motion and so collide with each other. Movements of single cells, cell division and cell locomotion, as well as the movements of multicellular organisms such as animals and plants are based on the cooperative action of many molecular motors driven by Brownian motion. Man-ifestation.

DNA and the genome have now been identified as active "laser-like" environments. Biophotons are weak emissions of light radiated from the cells of all living things. The light is too faint to be seen by the naked eye, but biophotons have been detected and verified using photomultiplier tubes. Light is constantly being absorbed and remitted by DNA molecules within each cell's nucleus, creating a dynamic, coherent web of light. This system could be responsible for chemical reactions within the cells, cellular communication throughout the organism, and the overall regulation of the biological system, including embryonic development into a predetermined form. The laser-like coherence of the biophoton field is a prime candidate for exchanging information in a highly functional, efficient and cooperative fashion. Bioradiation.

BIOPLASMA. Plasma is the fourth state of matter (liquid, gaseous, solid). Living organisms, including humans, are plasmas which produce waves. Life is electric, however, its control takes place magnetically, electromagnetically. The manifestations of life may be ultimately summarized in terms of plasma and radiation. The secret of life lies in process control through small energy and with minimal noise. Plasmas are conductive and only respond to electric and magnetic fields and can be efficient sources of radiation.

Magnetohydrodynamics is based on magnetic transmission over a plasma carrier. Sedlak proposes that magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) can be used to model living bioplasma. This MHD controlled state correlates with metabolic process, such as anabolism-catabolism and oxidation, physiological currents and weakly luminescent effects (biophotons; bioluminescence). A complex signaling system is formed involving electric, magnetic, optical and acoustic effects. This signaling system must operate on the level of single macromolecules like DNA and on groups of molecules, such as cells, tissues, organs and the organism, and above all on the level of the metabolism as an ensemble of chemical processes. Bioluminescence.

PHOTONIC BODY is a biohologram projected by coherent light and sound. We arise from and are sustained by field phenomena, waves of biophotonic light and sound, which form our essential nature through acoustic holography This coherent light transduces itself into radio waves (holographic biophoton field), which carry sound as information that decodes the 4-D form as a material object. Chromosomes probably transform their genetic-sign laser radiations into broadband genetic-sign radio waves. The polarizations of chromosome laser photons are connected nonlocally and coherently to polarizations of radio waves. This is an explicit physical analogue for the traditional mystical apprehension of inner Light and the Audible Life Stream. Bioholography.

LUX and FLUX. Self-illumined Light is both an inner (biophysical) and outer (quantum and cosmological) essential phenomena. Energy/matter emerges as light from the boundary layer where nothing becomes something. Quantum nonlocality is directly related to laser radiation from chromosomes (coherent light), which jitterbugs its polarization plane to radiate or occlude photons. DNA and the genome have now been identified as active "laser-like" environments. Roughly speaking, DNA can be considered as a liquid crystal gel-like state that acts on the incoming light in the manner of a solitonic lattice. A soliton is an ultra stable wave train that arises in the context of non-linear wave oscillation. Despite their rarity on Earth, over 99% of the universe is in the plasma state. Earth, with its high density and low temperature (astrophysically speaking) is an anomaly! Stars, including our Sun, are big balls of hot, dense plasma. Interstellar space is filled with a dilute cold plasma. Supernova are the plasma remnants of exploded stars. Closer to home, lightning, flames and the aurora are examples of naturally occurring plasmas.

CLEAR LIGHT. Sacred Light is generated internally by DMT, the spirit molecule, and within the ventricles but that is a correlation with the universal Clear Light. Meditation evokes pineal DMT release through EM vibrations. Visionary experience with symbolic or religious content gives way to dazzling light of illumination, reported in eastern and western religions. Meditation modulates pineal activity, eliciting a standing wave through resonance effects that coordinates other brain centers with both chemicals and electromagnetism. Resonance is induced in the pineal gland using electric, magnetic, or sound energy, resynchronizing both hemispheres of the brain, resulting in a chain of synergetic harmony that releases DMT, an endogenous psychedelic. The pineal contains high levels of enzymes and building-blocks for DMT, which may be secreted when inhibitory processes cease blocking its production with other chemicals, such as beta-carbolines which magnify and prolong DMT effects. DMT is the source of visionary Light in transpersonal experiences. Its primary source, the pineal, has traditionally been referred to as the Third Eye. Curiously, this gland is light sensitive and actually has a lens, cornea, and retina. DMT production is particularly stimulated in the extraordinary conditions of birth, sexual ecstasy, childbirth, extreme physical stress, near-death, psychosis, and physical death, as well as meditation. Pineal DMT may also play a significant role in dream consciousness.

Meditative techniques using sound, sight, or awareness may generate particular wave patterns whose fields induce resonance in the brain. Millennia of human trial and error have determined that certain ‘sacred’ worlds, visual images, and mental exercises exert uniquely desired effects, causing multiple systems to vibrate and pulse at certain frequencies. When our minds and bodies resonate with these spiritual exercises the pineal begins to ‘vibrate’ at frequencies that weaken its multiple barriers to DMT formation and release.

The mindbody is electronic, but it is rooted in the luminosity of its invisible ground. Living systems are very sensitive to tiny energy fields and resonance phenomena, both locally and at a distance. They allow the cells of the body to work together instantaneously and symphonically. All biological processes are a function of electromagnetic field interactions. EM fields are the connecting link between the world of form and resonant patterns. EM fields embody or store gestalts, patterns of information. Biochemical action and bioelectronic action meet at the quantum-junction.

We can return to Nature and our nature, collectively preparing a paradigm shift for a new shared reality and trajectory of physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual coherence. The silent frictionless flow of living intelligence is beyond words and conceptual constructs. We are a process of recursive self-generation. This continuum, which is our groundstate or creative Source, is directly discoverable in the immediacy of the emergent embodied moment, in the living Light that generates our Being.

21st Century Field Body

New physics (hyperphysics) calls for new biology, new medicine, new technology. We need to revision ourselves fundamentally as HOMO LUMEN. At its most primal level, life is a quantum phenomenon. Quanta of light, photons are the building blocks of electromagnetic radiation. All electromagnetic radiation, from radio to gamma rays, is quantised as photons: that is, the smallest amount of electromagnetic radiation that can exist is one photon.

The field body is made up of overlapping electromagnetic, ionic and magnetic fields which sets up the overall quantum electrodynamic field (QED). If the field body is perturbed in any way, then this leads to deviations from optimal physical and emotional well-being. Chronic errors in the field body can lead to disease and serious illness. In Complementary Medicine, the field body is called the energy body.

Objects and organisms are generated by interaction of the quantum subatomic world and the environment. The form and dynamics of every living organism on this planet is controlled by a single molecule of DNA and its endogenous quantum fields. A typical molecule has many different energy levels. When a molecule absorbs a photon, its energy is increased by an amount equal to the energy of the photon. The molecule then enters an excited state. In a material, photons couple to the excitations of the medium and behave differently, such as converting to phonons, quanta of sound.

Quantum forces encourage transitions for biological molecules to self-assemble. In recent decades molecular biology research has begun to describe basic life processes in terms of elementary particles thus establishing a link to quantum chemistry and creating the new field of quantum biology. Quantum systems and natural selction drive evolution.

All biological phenomena, (mobility, metabolism, respiration, photosynthesis, replication and evolution), involves the motion of fundamental particles. These dynamics are governed, not by classical physics, but by the non-deterministic laws of quantum mechanics and information processing in the biological domain.

In quantum chemistry, the concept of virtual states was coined to describe the way the state in which a molecule is observed is just one of a manifold of empty states that it can access by quantum jumps. Virtual states are empty states; they are not real in a material sense. Rather, they are mathematical forms, patterns of order, or bits of information. Nevertheless, they exist in the sense that a molecule can make a transition to such a state, which then becomes real in the ordinary sense.

In both quantum physics and biology, the irreducible relation of the part to the whole is crucial. Biology borrows results from physics and chemistry to obtain explanations for biological phenomena, thus explaining them with some degree of quantitative accuracy. Nevertheless, the fact remains that quantum mechanics is precision- oriented and biology process-oriented, and that to some extent the two goals are incompatible with each other.

In the biological context the quantum vacuum state is represented by a specific vector in Hilbert space. It is interpreted as a specific collective mode of the system rather than as no oscillation at all. Particles correspond to various kinds of modulation of the special oscillation that corresponds to the vacuum state. The operators describing these modulations have the same interrelations with each other as do particle creation and annihilation operators in quantum field theory.

Quantum physics and molecular biology developed independently but there is a link at the functional level of ‘electric’ DNA, molecules, and organisms. There is some 'other' function, field or consciousness controlling the self-organizing biological systems present in the body, in addition to the biochemical and physical. There is a hypothesis that biological systems are quantum information processing based chemical and quantum computer designs.

Subjective consciousness is generated through an unusual property of quantum non-locality. Chaos and bifurcation serve to link quantum transactions to global brain dynamics through the fractal architecture and dynamics of the central nervous system. The resulting process operates at the boundary between quantum computation and wave-particle reduction, thus combining optimality and free-choice.

We begin by assuming that a quantum subsystem, such as an electron translates into what in the biological model is regarded as a signal. Quantum proccesses effect signal transduction. It is distinctly possible that quantum chaos expresses in biological systems right at the transition between the quantum and classical worlds. Chaotic systems may thus be able to amplify quantum effects into global fluctuations.

Quantum biology is developing its own agenda and technology. The living cell is an information replicating and processing system that is replete with naturally-evolved nanomachines, which at some level require a quantum mechanical description. As quantum engineering and nanotechnology meet, increasing use will be made of biological structures, or hybrids of biological and fabricated systems, for producing novel devices for information storage and processing, and other tasks. An understanding of these systems at a quantum mechanical level will be indispensable.

Matti Pitkanen, a Finnish theoretical physicist, has proposed that many theories in quantum physics can be applied to biological systems. He suggests that information transfer in biology takes place via a superconductive pathway, and that electrons and photons are the carriers of this information.

Only living systems emit biophotons. A biophoton signal is easily identifiable by its characteristic features. A biophoton signal is very sensitive to physiological and environmental changes. Its sensitivity is unpredictable and quite often shows some oscillatory components. The intensity of the signal increases during biological processes; the increase is much higher during mitosis and death. Biophotons hold the secret of life.

The mandatory requirement of photon signal in an entangled quantum state explains the non-classical features of biophoton signals. DNA replication and protein synthesis are essential for any biological processes and occur in all living systems all the time. As a result, biophoton emission is also ubiquitous and incessant.

Both biophoton and entangled photon signals demonstrate the quantum nature of photons and are experimental inputs. The non-classical features of biophoton signals highlights the limitations of molecular biology and cannot be accounted in the classical framework of photon emission. The entangled photon signals exhibit quantum non-locality and provide channels for quantum information transfer. The observation of entangled states has stimulated investigations on the nature of reality and information, which are generating new knowledge and insights.

The subspace effect (virtual photon fluctuation) pervades the entire universe and permeates the particles of all life. The molecules making up a living organism are not subject to Brownian motion but are under quantum order. Virtual photons can be used to describe electrodynamic forces.

Electrons release virtual photons and then reabsorb virtual photons. All of these virtual particles come in and out of subspace. Virtual photons differ from actual photons in that the rest mass of a virtual photon is not zero; only zero rest-mass photons cannot escape and become actual photons.

The main difference between a real and a virtual photon is that the real photon does not violate the conservation law of mass and energy. A virtual photon, when created, avoids the law, via the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. But once created, if a virtual photon has no rest mass, it will have the appearance, feel and range of a real photon; thus infinity. So the human being, a virtual photon producer and absorber, is capable of reaching out to the stars and other planets via this virtual photon production. The effect reaches in and out of subspace with the effect of polymorphic resonance. (Nelson)

Real photons have energy equal to momentum times velocity of light (C). Virtual photons are photons whose energy is not equal to momentum times C. This constant release and absorption of what are known as virtual particles is happening at very great speeds within all matter. A sea of infrared photons is the basis of life/biology. All forms of energy, including the human organism, originate as light.

Quantum bioholography (Gariaev) shows that DNA literally produces coherent light, which transduces to sound that directs the formative processes of life. Radiant energy is radiant energy. A wave of light behaves as if it were a wave; it also behaves as if it were a series of quanta particles called photons.

Quantum nonlocality is directly related to laser radiation from chromosomes (coherent light), which jitterbugs its polarization plane to radiate or occlude photons. The Gariaev group discovered a wave-based genome and DNA phantom effect which strongly supports the holographic concept of reality (Miller, Webb, Dickson). This main information channel of DNA is the same for both photons and radio waves.

Physicist Matti Pitkanin says magnetic fields could play key role in the biological information processing if the quantum numbers of magnetic fields serve as carriers of bio-information. "Wormhole magnetic fields provide a quantum mechanism for a control at distance, say of the control of the behaviour of cell organelles by cell nucleus as well as a model for the memory of biosystem in terms of integer valued winding numbers identifiable as quantized momenta of the wormhole supra currents.

One of the basic problems of biology is how the genetic code is transformed into spatial structures during ontogeny, and an attractive idea is that each DNA sequence corresponds to a characteristic wormhole magnetic field configuration serving as a template for the topological condensation of the ordinary matter. The fact that wormhole flux tubes are hollow cylinders, is in nice accordance with this idea (microtubules, axonal membranes, etc. are hollow cylinders)."

Coherent wave phenomena can describe information exchange processes. Wave fronts that do not interfere with one another, the pulses of which are like soldiers marching in step on a rope bridge. If the timing of the soldiers’ steps resonates with the natural frequency of the bridge’s oscillation, the two motions reinforce one another. Coherent waves maintain their intensity by having their energy focused into a small area.

The coherent waves we associate with the DNA molecule are acoustically modified. The propagating medium actually serves to amplify and channel their energy into narrow layers of absorption in the surrounding environment. In the molecule’s transition from its normative to its critical state, coherent waves are generated which carry the signature of this transition to the surrounding environment. The absorption of these coherent waves at discrete phase boundaries (e.g., the cell membrane) releases sufficient energy stored at these boundaries which, upon entering the DNA molecule, catalyzes its return to the normative state.

Imagine the information pleroma, beyond energy and matter, as the source of all infinitely coherent light, “shining” itself into its own entropic womb where our temporo-spatial universe is given its life-potential as a single laser beam. Superposed coherent waves of different types in the cells interact to form diffraction patterns, firstly in the acoustic domain, secondly in the electromagnetic domain -- a quantum hologram -- a translation process between acoustical and optical holograms.

In the end there is just something Brilliant.

Life is Light; Light is Life

Quantum dynamics is energetic, photonic, magnetic and vibrational, in addition to chemical. For every shift in quantum levels photons (light) must be absorbed or released. Photon control is dictated by electromagnetic fields, which are critical to life. Cells receive and react to photons. Life is Light.

“What is Life” was the title of a 1944 work by Ervin Schrodinger, pioneer of quantum mechanics. When Schrodinger first speculated on the nature of life, there was a wide disconnect between physics and biology. No one knew the physical nature of a gene, the term molecular biology had yet to be invented, and many of the smartest scientists went into elementary particle physics. Quantum mechanical effects include superposition, coherence and entanglement. Much of the biosphere uses light-harvesting to drive its metabolic processes.

What is light? We still do not know, but it emanates from the quantum foam of subspace. We know only that it behaves in two different and apparently incompatible ways, each of which appears to be a valid way of conceptualizing light, neither of which is obviously the whole truth. Light and the electron are among the simplest things in the universe but are complicated.

Thermodynamics is the science of death, and quantum physics is the science of life. Biosystems are macroscopic quantum systems. Fundamental biological processes that involve the conversion of energy into forms that are usable for chemical transformations are quantum mechanical in nature. These processes involve chemical reactions including light absorption, formation of excited electronic states, transfer of excitation energy, transfer of electrons and protons, etc.

There is a subspace set or sets pervading and connecting the universe. There appears to be a unified field uniting all space sets. At least one level of this field is an expression of universal consciousness.

There is a pathway to interaction of directed thought consciousness possible through this subspace connection. Thus a conscious quantic system can affect another through interaction via subspace. This phenomena follows quantic rules and is thus non reproducible, non reductionistic, subtle effecting indeterminant systems by shifting probabilities (Nelson).

Our task of understanding ultimate reality, as distinct from the behavioral properties of quasi-reality, is equally complicated. Virtual photons and photons correlate with all biological quantic change. Can we ever understand ourselves as photonic Beings with Photonic Minds in a Photonic Cosmos? We can begin to wrap our minds around a few of the “subatOMic”issues which mark us as “Photonic Humans”.

In the end there’s just something Brilliant.

Psychophysical Illumination

An interdisciplinary spiritual meta-theory and correlation is also proposed. Meditation masters speak of an inner Light that pervades the physical and energy bodies, and now science investigates it as biophotons. Through quantum physics we can watch matter/energy/information devolve back into the unstructured void from which potential emanates. Whether we look “objectively” outside into our environment or “subjectively” inside into ourselves we find primordial Light is the basis of existence.

Mystics have often equated this pervasive Light/Sound with primordial Consciousness and the source of life as well as matter. We are not concerned here with doctrine, but the reported phenomenology of meditation technology. Anecdotal self-reports of the experience of “Light” in meditation are ubiquitous. Under ideal conditions the body is a tuned spiritual resonator. Fortunately or unfortunately, when the mind goes exploring the only one it has a chance to explore is the psychobiological one that is there.

Light sustains all existence. It is not that we actively seek or “worship” Light, but that it is a phenomenological given when attention is focused inwardly in a conducive way, and “grace allows it”. These stories of “light experiences” have been hierarchically correlated in taxonomies of consciousness states. (J. C. Gowan; Tart; Grof; Wilber). Metaphorically, in the frequency domain, light has both an illuminative and reflective component.

We emerge through self-organization from the Void and to the Void we can return for renewal and sustenance. The Heart Sutra suggests, "Form is not other than Void; Void is not other than Form." Our human form is not other than this void, and biophysics now demonstrates this quantitatively and qualitatively. All of the potential information about the universe is holographically encoded in the spectrum of frequency patterns that constantly bombard us.

In the end there is just something Brilliant.


Mindbody Connection

There is a fundamental relationship between EM fields and our lives. Our fieldbodies are our most essential nature. We don't stop at our skin boundary. We are part of a single fabric of reality connected by subatomic fields. We don't just resonate with them; we ARE them. Our essence mixes with and permeates other organisms and the cosmos.

For most of human history, healing has had to do with contact with spirit, with consciousness, with rituals intended to create a shared biofield with a shaman who seemingly could exert mind over matter. This spiritual technology has yielded to technological medicine governed by the rational protocols of science. But noting that medical intuition and therapeutic rapport are real forces in the healing process, many practitioners are moving toward a new paradigm or model of healing.

Anomalies such as the proven power of prayer, placebo effect, spontaneous remission, therapeutic intentionality, and remote healing hint that the irrational, the mysterious, is an inherent part of the natural healing process. When we become ill, the fundamental nature of consciousness is revealed as it relates to both mind and matter, psyche and soma. Consciousness may be more fundamental than either energy or matter, as the Vedas claimed centuries ago. At this sensitive threshold, miniscule changes in the situation can lead to large differences in the outcome.


Lumen Naturae

Peacock's Tail, Homunculus, Soma Sophia, Iona Miller 1993 


The microcosm of the living vacuum is a coherent organization of spacetime structure. Time itself is compressed energy. “Free energy” emerges from a strong gradient, a negentropic scalar pump, an eternal fountain of cosmic creative energy. Vacuum fluctuation means observable emissions of light rapidly decay back into their zeropoint and then infinitely repeat the photon emission process. This relentless process is almost hypnotic in its appeal.

Massless observable radiant energy is often confused with nonobservable virtual vacuum fluctuation. So, don’t expect to comprehend just how it works right away. Let these notions sink in gradually and take root as the realization of your own essential nature. Perhaps you’ll find the effects or applications easier to understand than the concepts behind it.

Catch the Wave

When is a wave not a wave? When it’s a scalar or energy precursor, point intensity. A scalar potential, like ripples in a pond, either increases or decreases at each and every focal point throughout spacetime, including inside our bodies. Zero-Point Energy (ZPE) is observable; virtual vacuum fluctuation is nonobservable.

Matter boils into and out of existence. In this reiterative process the virtual becomes the observable. Subquantal disordered virtual state fluctuations of the vacuum is the groundstate of existence. Vacuum fluctuation of virtual photons is the universal hum, the OM of the cosmological constant.

“Let there be Light.” Potentials in the vacuum are primordial causal agents creating force fields as effects of their interference during virtual photon flux. Charge emits measurable photon energy. ZPE charge becomes observable emission. Real EM photons (quanta of light) are emitted from that charge and spread into 3-space at light speed.

Coherent integration implies continuous creation from virtual state energy input. Harmonic sets or series of wave/antiwave pairs form the scalar potential. Internally dynamic scalars essentially pump negentropy or increased order and information into existence as energy and/or mass.

In Synergetics, Buckminster Fuller called this cosmic pumping energy Cosmic Zero, described as the nexus of quantum jitterbugging of the Vector Equilibrium Matrix. Forces are enfolded in the vacuum that can be unzipped into manifestation. Artificially produced scalars can affect everything from our minds to the weather. This physics has even been used as a model of paranormal phenomena, healing and clandestine warfare.

The flow of mass, and our own mass, through time is generated by the ubiquitous interaction of photons with the mass. This is so for both virtual and observable photons. Mass moves through time by integrating virtual photons, and absorption/emission of observable photons/biophotons. The internal dynamic flow of time has infolded sublevels and engines that pump up the quantum field effects to breech the mystic threshold of observability.

Scalars exist only in the vacuum of empty space, including that between our own atoms. Tesla called this form of negative energy, radiant energy. This new physics has been called ether physics, scalar physics, virtual physics, plenum physics, scalar electromagnetics, energetics and psychotronics.

When massergy enters 3-space, it becomes entropic, while the negentropic potential remains unmanifest as its sustaining force. When negentropy manifests, it’s entropy crosses the mystic veil into nonobservability. The generative signal wave is always negentropic, instantaneously reordering previously scattered energy without requiring input energy.

So, the void isn’t empty. It just doesn’t contain physical matter. To illuminate ourselves, let’s look behind the Mystic Veil between the observable and nonobservable – the truly metaphysical which is literally “beyond physics.”

The mindbody is electronic, but it is rooted in the scalar luminosity of its invisible ground. Living systems are very sensitive to changes in tiny energy fields and resonance phenomena, both locally and remotely. Imbalances can lead to degenerative disease that can be corrected through Energy Medicine.

In this nonlocal model, bioenergetic distance healing is possible through pumping additional energy into the system, creating resonance and modulating electrically charged molecules. Any kind of field can be turned into any other kind of field by precise time synchronization. Healers use the Quantum Vacuum (QV) to facilitate order and coherence as a preventive measure.

Healing is a self-organizing emergent process. Our experiences become embodied in our structure, emotions and behaviors. Correcting imbalances and distortions in the energy field facilitates harmonization of subsystems, allowing the cells to work together, instantaneously and symphonically.

Fierce Luminosity

All biological processes are a function of electromagnetic field interactions. EM fields are the connecting link between the world of form and resonant patterns. EM fields embody or store gestalts, patterns of information. Biochemical action and bioelectronic action meet at the quantum-junction.

The body is both formed by and generates bioscalars and biophotons that both condition and signal its health. Our two brain hemispheres constitute natural scalar interferometers (or “engines”) actuating scalar fields. These fields possibly couple to the subtle anatomy of the body like chakras, acupuncture meridians or fields of the heart.

Our bodies are essentially “frozen light” as is everything else. This light is transduced from the vacuum by the holographic blueprint of our DNA, which acts as a cymatic projector employing biophotonic light and creative sound (phonons) to read and manifest our genetic code. (Gariaev; Miller).

The distinction between a living and nonliving system is simply the fact that the living system deterministically uses the inner EM energy channels inside scalar potentials. And those EM potentials are centered on the atomic nuclei of atoms comprising the living system's molecules, cells, tissues, and mass.

The mind/brain/body problem can only be solved by looking at this interior energetics, or we will never understand life, memory, personality or thought. The vacuum potential, a hidden internal EM energy channel, is the primary channel of biological control as well as human intent.

“Now you see it; now you don’t,” in the transitory world of the cosmic House of Mirrors. Disordered virtual energy can be turned into ordered observable EM energy. Matter is a small ripple on the seething ocean of virtual energy potential. Everything that ever existed or can exist is already potentially there in the nothingness of space, which contains all of being.

Your Zero Point

Mathematician, Charles Muses describes the nature of our embodiment: “Actually our bodies are like fountains [virtual dipoles]. The fountain has a shape only because it's being renewed every minute, and our bodies are being renewed. So we are standing waves; we are no exception.”

Visualizations, such as the qabbalistic Middle Pillar Exercise are designed to pump negentropy, as a fountain of light, into the practitioner. It is a means of bringing free energy into our systems for quantum wellness. Such meditations help us recalibrate ourselves from our own personal zero point or renewable energy.

Muses describes time as the master controller that cuts through the entire physical universe and holds all of space together, though not necessarily in each point of space. Time is, therefore, bigger than space. Wisdom traditions contend there is a fundamental unity between the universal mind and the cosmos itself -- including the unfolding of time.

Certain ancient and modern spiritual technologies are said to confer extraordinarily longer lifespans on their practitioners. Often yogis, lamas and masters appear far younger than their chronological age. They attribute these youthful qualities to their meditation practice. To meditate is a regenerative therapy in which we “die daily” into the unconditioned state and are instantaneously reborn anew.

Trauma locks up energies in the body, and the self image can become "frozen" and inhibit growth of the personality. This image can be de-structured or liquefied, eliminating the old holographic pattern, and returning all elements to a chaotic state. From this chaos, the new image automatically emerges in regenerated form. This death/rebirth is healing, and may be the mechanism of the placebo effect.

Self-image is locked up in identification with a multi-sensory image of self. It conditions the body and its state of health. The process of detachment from one's body, emotions, thoughts, and even the notion of self is a way of dis-identifying with the old outworn model, and creating a nonlocalized impression of oneself as identical with universal consciousness.

Healing is the psychophysical equivalent of creativity. Creativity is embodied inspiration and imagination. To the extent we intentionally commune with the source of infinite peace, love, health, bounty, and oneness we encourage their manifestation in outer reality.

The stability of matter itself is mediated by zero-point fluctuations (ZPF) of the electromagnetic field. In each and every nano-instant, we a reborn at the birthplace of matter, much like a refreshing screen and therefore have the potential to reform utterly, instantaneously. There is infinite healing potential in the undifferentiated creative energy, radiant wholeness.

Spiritual Psychology

The light of nature is the quinta essentia, extracted from the four elements, and dwelling in our hearts. It is enkindled by the Holy Spirit. The light of nature is an intuitive apprehension of the facts, a kind of illumination--one's own experience of nature.

Fire is one of the archetypal forms of Mercurius. Even the aqua mercurialis is a form of divine fire, paradoxically. This fire is highly vaporous, indeed really the only fire in the whole procedure. It is the universal and scintillating force of the light of nature, which carries the heavenly spirit within it; the source of mystical knowledge second only to the holy revelations of the Scriptures. But it shares in its essence an abysmal nature.

The paradoxical merging of fire/water reveals the principle of the coincidence of opposites which is completed by absolute opposition in order to attain psychological validity. Hermes is a god of revelations, and this mystic fire is the fire in which God himself burns in divine love. Since Mercurius is of fiery nature, the fire does not harm him: he remains unchanged within it, rejoicing like the salamander. This fire is a portion of God's spirit, but is also Lucifer who became the fire of hell after his fall. Eleazar says, "This old Father-Begetter will one day be drawn from the primordial Chaos, and he is the fire-spewing dragon."

The igneous spirit of the natural fire is embodied in the substances which are analogous to it. Our stone is an astral fire, which sympathizes with the natural fire, and which as a true salamander receives its nativity, is nourished and grows in the elementary fire. The natural fire is proportionate to the astral life, and therefore, the former corporifies or coagulates the later.

The body of the universe is created (coagulated) by means of proportion or analogy. Analogy is a process of relationship, making connections by "as if." Analogy corporifies or coagulates spirit. Alchemy is a treasury of analogies that embody the objective psyche and the processes it undergoes in development. The same applies to religion and mythology.

The importance of analogy for realization of the psyche cannot be overestimated. It gives form and visibility to that which was previously invisible, intangible, not yet coagulated. Dreams, alchemical images and active imagination coagulate. They connect the outer and inner worlds by means of proportional or analogous images, coagulating soul-stuff. --Iona Miller, Psychogenesis

"While at the individual level alchemy may assuredly be concerned with the redemption of the Lumen NaturaeAurora a and also Jung's Answer to Job concealed in the psycho-physiological recesses of the human personality, the appear to point to a yet larger and more universal opus.

Crying from the depths of the chaos of this world, the wisdom-woman Sophia calls out to the alchemists of our age. Depth-psychology has indeed served as one of the principal avenues through which this redemptive project has been made known. The time may be approaching, and may in fact have come already, when potential alchemists in various disciplines and spiritual traditions may address themselves to this universal task of alchemical liberation. . . In our time alchemy has come into its own...The stone that the builders rejected is moving ever closer to the structure of Western culture." (Hoeller)


Conclusions: Theory & Practice

There is a certain Truth in occult operations. What the medieval alchemists once stated enigmatically can now be described in certain aspects with far more clarity. It doesn't mean we should cease our cognitive/affective penetration of the Mysteries. We should be encouraged in that direction both in theory and experimentation. Understanding becomes explicit only through direct experience. The Philosopher's Stone -- the lustrous negentropic body -- in its own nature is based in the dynamic qualities of matter kindled by the fire that is water.

"But our Water is not common Water, not our Fire common Fire, for no Man is so senseless as to think that Water and Fire can be united. But our Water is of a Celestial Nature, and therefore our Fire loves it. The same is to be understood of the two others, namely Air and Earth; Vulgar Earth is leprous, and abounds with Excrements, but our Earth is Crystalline Green, and therefore it is called Green Gold. And our Air is unctuous and therefore contains Fire." (Grummet)

* The Stone is made of One Thing that contains potential Gold and Silver, as we have suggested. Since sun and gold are equivalent concepts in alchemy, the solificatio (illumination) means that the "inwards of the head" are transformed into light. We light up with a new awareness of the unconscious.

* Lumen naturae is the core image of light in the matrix of alchemical ideas, the secret nature of nature.

* We compared traditional alchemical notions with contemporary counterparts in biophysics and scalar physics.

* We drew analogies between the dark "secret fire" and massless radiant energy and biophotons.

* We described how virtual photons and photons cross the mystic veil of manifestation and observability.

* We discussed the nature of the Void as not devoid.

* We described its negentropic effects, including healing and placebo effect.

* We detailed its therapeutic effect in spiritual psychotherapy as well as alchemy.

* We described DNA as generator of the quantum biohologram, modulated by coherent light and sound.

* We demonstrated the biophotonic nature of life and mind.

* We showed Virtual Photon Fluctuation (ZPE) is the Source of the photons that form and sustain our Being.

* We suggested a model of Homo Lumen for someone actively engaged with their hyperfield body and meditation with an aim toward pineal stimulation of the illuminative spirit molecule DMT.

* We reframed and revisioned the notion of the Lumen Naturae in contemporary photonic terms while validating its sacred nature in the circle of life.



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©2009 Iona Miller is a nonfiction writer for the academic and popular press, hypnotherapist (ACHE) and multimedia artist. She is a participant, not just commentator. Her conspirituality work is an omni-sensory fusion of intelligence, science-art, new physics and emergent paradigm shift, melding many social issues into a new view of society. She is interested in the effects of doctrines from religion, science, psychology, and the arts. Website:  

"TORUS/TWISTER," Iona Miller, 2006