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2009 - PROMISes, PROMISes: Please BeLIEve Me

Take a long slow slide down the labyrinthine rabbithole of CIA wizard / "political prisoner," Michael J. Riconosciuto


DIRTY TRICKS: Why are some people drawn to the Shadow, to archetypal evil? Some are seduced, some are sociopathic, and some are just born into it. Others, finding themselves opposed to it, overcome their natural denial, groupthink and fear to work as watchdogs against it to help others wake up to the unpleasant realities of Transmodern life. Some live their whole lives in the Shadowlands where white is black and black is white, and no one can tell one from the other.

Michael James Riconsciuto is one such twilight creature of both criminal underground and black ops worlds. To enter his world is to enter a wrestling match with the devil of evil that men do, but that for which they must still be held accountable. Likewise, we are all accountable for the collective evil that is done in the name of our nation -- in the name of our corporations.

Do the ends justify the means? Are good and evil relative? Our destiny lies in our answer. Some people are drawn to archetypal evil. Evil is an end in itself, not a vehicle or a means. Evil is devoted to trickery and falsehood. Evil can be mapped from the small criminal acts to crimes against humanity. Some engage in criminal acts because they know they are evil, conjuring up death and meaningless, senseless destruction.

Evil as collective shadow champions the dark side, strives to annihilate, to exterminate life turned against itself with an impersonal deathwish. Transpersonal forces have a destructive aspect that can compromise our consciousness as well as transform us.  Black Ops is a realm where it's nearly impossible to tell the difference. Some consider their mission spiritual warfare, a transcendent battle. Are they deluded or working from a broader paradigm of top secret knowledge? Is evil a vehicle, a means to an end, or an end in itself? What we do know is it bites the hand that feeds it.



COVER UP MURDERS MASKED ILLEGAL ACTIVITY ON CABAZON RESERVATION. Software piracy, weapons testing, biowarfare experiments, conspiracy, cover-up, stonewalling, covert action: The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has identified a suspect in the 1981 unsolved murders of three Coachella Valley residents. 52-year-old James “Jimmy “ Hughes was arrested at the Miami International Airport Saturday on a fugitive warrant related to three California murders. A self-described ex-mafia hit man, evangelist and president of Jimmy Hughes Ministries, Hughes has traveled throughout Honduras and the U.S. “taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” according to his Web site. He is fighting extradition from Miami. Hughes is suspected of being involved in “the Octopus murders” – the 1981 killings of 32-year-old former Cabazon tribal leader Fred Alvarez, 44-year-old Patty Castro, and 42-year-old Ralph Boger. The California attorney general is prosecuting the case because Hughes is a distant relative of Riverside County D.A. Rod Pacheco. The bodies were found on the patio of a house Alvarez rented in Rancho Mirage. Members of the Cabazon Band of Mission Indians have long disputed any possibility of a link between the murders and the tribe.

Many Have Died But the Story Has Not...

The Undercover Cover-Up that Still Haunts Many Survivors and Our Nation

Convicted felon, Michael James Riconosciuto is a nexus of 'Spyence,' Conspiracy & Cover Up but not implicated in any murders: "All scandals overlap" -- Secret Government, "October Surprise," Iran-Contra, CIA, Drug & Arms Smuggling, Biowarfare, PROMIS, Inslaw, Wackenhut, Conmen, Danny Casolaro Murder, Experimental Weapons Testing, Cabazon Indian Reservation, Cabazon Arms, Lockerbie, BCCI Money Laundering, Transnational Crime, Robert Hanssen/OBL, 9/11, Area 51, Disinformation, Octopus Murders


BeLIEve Me: Accused as a disinfo agent, MJR may lie, but he has part of the truth...whether he was the bagman for Iran/Contra, or the SARS biochemist, or the CIA computer Einstein, some person of interest surely was...and his framing, analysis and forecasts indicate insider knowledge.

Call it the mother of all overlapping conspiracy theories...

...a marriage of the Mob, Intel & Government:

Let's see, there's Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Bill Casey, plotting dirty tricks together. There's the Ayatollah Khomeini, Ed Meese, Moammar Gadhafi, Ollie North and Saddam Hussein, helping out. There's Manuel Noriega, Clark Clifford and the notorious Bank of Commerce and Credit International (BCCI) making it easy to do bad, backed by a vast network of drug barons, arms merchants, spies, hit men, Indian tribes and international con artists whose evil web reaches every corner of the Earth. This is the story -- THE OCTOPUS -- that got journalist Danny Casolaro and 3 Indio/Rancho Mirage residents murdered.

ARMS MERCHANT & EVIL GENIUS: And there's one Michael James Riconosciuto -- acknowledged as a technical and electronics genius -- a native of Tacoma and a convicted illegal drug maker, who claimed that his life was in danger because he knows too much. His father Marshall, was a business partner of Richard Nixon. MJR is in the same prison-system now monopolized by Wackenhut and affiliates. Wackenhut changed its name to avoid its negative history. He claims to have invented a 'pineapple bomb,' a barometric bomb with Ted Gunderson, a suspected COINTEL PRO agent.

Following the Oklahoma City bombing, Gunderson promoted Michael Riconosciuto’s claims that the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was destroyed not by a truck bomb, but by a pineapple-sized “barometric bomb”. Gunderson refers to local (not national) news reports of bombs planted inside the building which were found because they did not detonate.


"....Former FBI. Special Agent, Ted Gunderson, speaks for Riconosciuto's credibility. Gunderson, who lives in Manhattan Beach, has worked with Riconosciuto for many years in his capacity as private investigator. "Together, according to Gunderson, they were responsible for thwarting a terrorist operation during the Los Angeles Olympics. According to Gunderson, Riconosciuto was well known in certain circles as a genius in almost all sciences. "The so-called drug operation broken up in Washington State was an electro hydrodynamic mining operation claimed Gunderson, using Townsend Brown technology. A videotape viewed by this journalist revealed metallic powders and apparent processes unrelated to drug manufacture. Indeed, a government analysis of soil samples revealed the absence of drug contamination, but a high concentration of barium. Barium is often found in high voltage related work...""


"Incredibly, Riconosciuto developed the "electrostatic bomb" at Dyno-nobel, which is the real bomb that destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. McVeigh's bomb anfo truck bomb was actually only used to destroy the signature of the much more powerful electrostic bomb that Riconosciuto named "blue lightning". Interestingly enough, Dyno-Nobel, which is based in Salt Lake City (and was " taken over" by the Mormons) sold all of the ammoniun nitrate that Ramzi Yousef used in the 1993 WTC bombing...Dyno-Nobel was formerly known as Hercules Powder, which was an exposives manufacturer founded by Michael's father, Marshal Riconosciuto."

BLUETOOTH ANTECEDENT in the 80s?: "The most startling revelation in Riconosciuto's discussion is that the PROMIS software wasn't "bugged" by any ordinary means (say, by providing a secret telephone line access). Instead, it utilized a radical new technology Riconosciuto developed that actually enabled the "bugged" computer to broadcast without wires or phone connections - signals which could be picked up at a remote site, say from an Elint satellite. The software modification forces the computer to produce non-sinusoidal waveforms called Walsh functions, waveforms different from radio waves or other kinds of transmission media. "All the files were read out, all the files were broadcast constantly," Riconosciuto said. He added that the technique has vast commercial applications, and will "allow wireless computer networking, with very small amounts of power, over very large distances."

CIA ASSET: Shortly after his surprise 1991 visit to So. Oregon after Danny Casolaro's suspicious death, I became aware that Michael Riconosciuto, known to me as a long-time CIA asset, was arrested in Washington State by DEA for the manufacturing of illegal chemical drugs. I had also become aware of the fact that Riconosciuto made a sworn statement, prior to his arrest, about his participation in a covert U.S. intelligence initiative to sell INSLAW's PROMIS to foreign governments. Historically, the high-tech genius had been well-protected by an alphabet soup of intel agencies: NSA, CIA, FBI, DEA and ATF. But in 1991, the enterprise turned on him.

DISINFO EXPERT & WHISTLEBLOWER: Not your average LSD and Meth cook, his claims include carrying the money to delay hostage release in Iran-Contra, selling stolen Stinger missiles to OBL during Afghan war with the USSR, engineering race-specific biowarfare agents, money-laundering, programming PROMIS espionage back channel software, experimental weapons, explosives, and much, much more... In Feb. 2001, he warned Colin Powell of a terrorist threat of great magnitude.  http://www.michaelriconosciuto.com/nine11/


INTERNET DESIGNER: In 1965, MJR had a company, Tymeshare, and a 'Tymesharing' program that was the early form of communicating between computers over voice capable lines. His company, along with Dartmouth College, got two computers communicating from coast to coast. So, in this sense we have the Internet because of his pioneering efforts and inspiration.

CHILD PRODIGY: When he was just 10 years old, Michael wired his parents’ neighborhood with a working private telephone system that undercut Ma Bell; in the eighth grade, he won a science fair with a model for a three-dimensional sonar system. By the time he was a teenager, he had won so many science fairs with exhibits of laser technology that he was invited to be a summer research assistant at Stanford’s prestigious Cooper Vapor Laser Laboratory. Dr. Arthur Schalow [sic], a Nobel laureate, remembers him even now. “You don’t forget a 16-year-old youngster who shows up with his own argon laser. (Village Voice)

INFORMANT: 'Magic Mike' is a self-acknowledged informant who has been instrumental in revealing details of methamphetamine operations in the California counties of Mariposa, Madera, Fresno, Riverside, Alameda and Sonoma.  Riconosciuto names as participants in these operations such people as Richard Knozzi, Jim DeSilva, Ben Kalka and others.  Several of the people he informed on served long jail sentences.

Riconosciuto keeps one foot firmly in the drug culture and the other foot securely planted in the world of covert operations.  Those who wrapped themselves in the secrecy of black ops were also named by Riconosciuto.  He exposed the activities of Robert Booth Nichols, Al C. Holbert, "Dr." Earl Brian and others.

INMATE: Federal Prison inmate (#21309-086) Inmate locator list Michael James Riconosciuto, age 61, white male, release date 6-03-2017 from Terminal Island FCI (San Pedro, California).

WILD BLUE YONDER: Michael Riconosciuto was a Wackenhut-CIA employee who told researcher Michael Lindemann that he had attempted to get a whole helicopter full of documents and evidence detailing illegal biogenetic activities and non-Congressionally sanctioned projects involving 'illegal aliens' out of the Nevada Test Site. MJR claims, the chopper was blown out of the sky, killing all five personnel on board. Michael's father happened to be Marshall Riconosciuto, a fascist and a supporter of Adolph Hitler who was a very close friend of Fred L. Crisman. Crisman was involved in the Maurey Island 'UFO' sighting incident in 1947 near Tacoma, Washington, which researcher Anthony Kimory believes involved the test-flight of hybrid craft.

GENOCIDE: The PROMIS software eventually evolved into very bio-chemistry-specific versions named “Daylight” and “Oracle8i”.

This PROMIS software evolution is best understood by reading THE LAST CIRCLE by Cheri Seymour, aka Carol Marshall – particularly the 15th chapter. This chapter reveals the contents of files provided to Seymour by PROMIS program-modifier Michael Riconosciuto documenting the history of Ft. Detrick’s biological warfare development and the stated desire of our nation’s top “National Institutes of Health” and CDC scientists to use new computer technologies to create sophisticated “Designer Viruses” for covert CIA use. He also documents the INFILTRATION of ISRAELI AGENTS into the labs of Ft. Detrick.

Riconosciuto’s “modifications” are so “sensitive to national security” that Riconosciuto was placed into forced detention in a high-security federal prison – not because any “crime” had been committed – but to keep him from being kidnapped by other competing “multi-national group’s” interests.

According to Riconosciuto’s files, the NEW GENERATON of PROMIS software, today trademarked as DAYLIGHT™ and ORACLE8i™ are unbelievably complex, and have exhibited incredible ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE capabilities as portrayed so well in the movie, “Eagle Eye”.

ORACLE8i™ not only has the ability to rapidly analyze gene clade sequencing in viruses and bacteria in mere minutes, it can build a model of a complex new viral structure just as quickly, and can calculate to the minutest detail its possible “drift” of mutations after its release. This software can not only predict the DEATH TOLL the virus would produce, but also the accurate final numbers of its genetic mutations over a given period of time. In short, this software can indeed control a complex GENOCIDE AGENDA in the form of an engineered, worldwide VIRAL PANDEMIC from beginning to end – Alpha to Omega. Evidence suggests that this agenda was indeed systematically set in motion in March of 2009.

The big question is "who in the cryptocracy would NOT want this man dead?"

Danny Casolaro was writing a book related to MJR called THE OCTOPUS. Inslaw, a manufacturer whose owner had accused the Justice Department of stealing its extremely powerful PROMIS case management software; the so-called "October Surprise" theory that Iran had held back the American hostages to help Ronald Reagan win the 1980 presidential election; the collapse of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International; and Iran-Contra. The scheme was so vast and complex that Casolaro referred to it as "the Octopus". Casolaro was found dead in a hotel room in Martinsburg, West Virginia in August of 1991, his wrists slashed 10 to 12 times. His death was, of course, ruled a suicide.

Casolaro's story might have continued its slow fade into the dusty corners of conspiracy theory folklore, except that charges were filed 10-4-2009 against a Miami-based missionary to Honduras named Jimmy Hughes for the 1981 slayings of Fred Alvarez and two associates in Rancho Mirage, California. It is believed that Alvarez was killed to silence him before he could carry out a threat to exposure financial improprieties and other illegal activity on the Cabazon Indian reservation in Riverside County, California. Incredibly, what happened on Cabazon land in the late '70s and early '80s reaches around the world and into the highest levels of the US government -- part of Casolaro's "Octopus".

Central to the story, especially when he tells it, is the mysterious Michael Riconosciuto, now serving a 20-year sentence for production and distribution of meth. Understanding "the Octopus" is like the old story of the blind men trying to comprehend their first encounter with an elephant: the parts you touch can appear to be completely different and totally unrelated. Running over the outlines of the case in about half an hour, we didn't even mention mainstream media reports -- published prior to 9/11 -- that FBI spy Robert Hanssen sold an upgraded version of PROMIS to Russia, which in turn sold it to Osama bin Laden. It's believed Al Qaeda used the software to penetrate databases and move funds between banks without being detected by US counterterror groups. A PROMIS derivative was also allegedly used by Chinese military intelligence to steal nuclear secrets from the Los Alamos and Sandia national laboratories. So, like the Octopus, the tentacles extending from the modifications made by Michael Riconosciuto at the Cabazon reservation are many and far-reaching.

Danny Casolaro was found with his wrists slashed in a motel bathtub in Martinsburg, West Virginia on August 10, 1991. He was a struggling writer and something of a romantic. Recently he had also styled himself as an investigator, contacting a variety of spooks-turned-victims and weaving their stories into an "Octopus" theory. This would be the book of his career: Danny as dragon-slayer. A year later, documents were missing from Casolaro's motel room. Was it suicide or murder?

THE OCTOPUS involves Inslaw, Inc. and its Promis software, as well as Michael Riconosciuto, a child prodigy who became a secret agent and drug pusher, and still keeps a bevy of fringe journalists busy by dispatching leads from his jail cell. Mix in several years of affidavits flying like shrapnel, mostly due to Inslaw's reasonable claim that Promis was stolen by the Justice Department. Add Riconosciuto's unreasonable claim that he hacked Promis, making it so magical that U.S. intelligence tried to install it everywhere as a Trojan horse. Include more prominent names than you can shake a stick at, each with loose but spooky connections to everyone else, and throw in a few more investigative trails that end in corpses. 

Michael Roconosciuto claimed to be an intelligence officer monitoring the hostage situation in Iran, staying at the apartment of Robert Booth Nichols and Ellen Hopko Nichols located near the Nicosia, Cyprus airport. This group of people, according to Michael, were also involved in the "controlled drug operation" run by the DIA. Riconosciuto stated that they were paid with unsigned BCCI travelers checks. Shortly before the Lockerbie crash Riconosciuto returned to his home in Oregon. He knew that the McKee team would be returning to the United States to "blow the whistle" on the drug operation run by George W. Bush. Riconosciuto told me that when the warning came to the unit in Nicosia that there might be a bombing of Pan Am #103, Robert Booth Nichols told Rinconosciuto that he would change the reservation for the McKee team to another flight, just as FBI agent Revell's son had done. The night of the Lockerbie crash, Bobbi Riconosciuto was watching the television with their children when she learned of the crash and heard that the McKee team went down with others on board. She woke Michael up and told him. Michael broke from Robert Booth Nichols from that point forward because he held Nichols responsible for betraying the McKee team. Robert Booth Nichols became the key source for Danny Casolaro who had contacted Lester K. Coleman seven days before his murder in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Michael Riconosciuto enters the intrigue. Michael Riconosciuto, a self proclaimed CIA operative, was a project manager for the Wackenhut Company, a security company that is virtually a CIA front. After Earl Brian of Hadron, Inc. illegally obtained the legal rights to PROMIS from Inslaw, the software company the Hamiltons had owned, he hired Michael to create a "back door" into the software. This would enable the trackers of other intel agencies using PROMIS to be tracked by the CIA. Riconosciuto was working out of the Cabazon Indian Reservation near Indio, CA a hotbed of CIA intrigue and black-ops projects.

Previously, Michael Riconosciuto had participated in developing software enabling the CIA to launder drug money raised by trafficking drugs through an airport in Mena, Arkansas while Clinton was governor of the state and Bush Sr. was in the White House. In a signed affidavit to a federal court, Riconosciuto stated "that the Wackenthut-Cabazon joint venture was intended to support the needs of a number of foreign governments and forces, including governments and forces in Central America and the Middle East. The Contras in Nicaragua represented one of the most important priorities of the joint venture".


Coincidentally, Danny Casolaro, an independently wealthy individual turned free lance, investigative journalist, was working on a book to be titled "The Octopus". His investigations lead him to the Wackenhut-Cabazon operation during Riconosciuto's involvement there. Gary Webb was another freelance investigative journalist, albeit not independently wealthy, who touched on the Wackenhut-Cabazon operations as revealed in his 1998 book "Dark Alliance."

Webb stated: "Wackenhut was very active in El Salvador during the Contra war, providing employees to protect the U.S. Embassy and other installations, and doing ' "things you wouldn't want your mother to know about' ". Gary Webb goes on to explain how the isolation of the small Cabazon reservation, a tribe of thirty people, and its tax exempt status and lack of federal oversight were the advantages gained by using that location. ("Dark Allance" p.113)

Webb continued " . . . Danny Casolaro was looking into the Cabazon/Wackenhut projects as part of a lager conspiracy investigation at the time he was found dead in a West Virginia motel room in 1991, allegedly a suicide victim. He had told friends he was convinced that " 'spies, arms merchants and others were using the reservation as a low-profile site on which to develop weapons for Third World armies, including the Nicaraguan Contras.' " (Dark Alliance p.113)

Karen Bixman in her "Octopus" article wrote, "Riconosciuto asserted that all scandals overlap, and Casolaro, who gave Roconosciuto the title ' " Danger Man' ", was introduced to the underground world of ' "spooks' ". Amid investigating the related scandals, a pattern of mysterious deaths also began to emerge". In her "Octopus" article, Karen Bixman goes into detail on these mysterious deaths. Personally, I believe Gary Webb's death was the most recent of related mysterious deaths.


Broken PROMIS: Tentacles of Cryptocracy

This germy story is linked to the Octopus conspiracy and the PROMIS software scandal of the 1980s as described by mad genius Michael James Roconosciuto. In an interview with this author shortly before he went to prison, MJR personally recounted the tangled story of the many tentacles of the metacontrol system, Octopus.

Roconosciuto subsequently told his story in print but the details and analysis remain the same. This is the dangerous story that got investigative journalist Danny Casolaro killed in 1991, best summarized in The Final Circle, by Carol Marshall (1996), who used MJR’s secret files to connect the dots.

The strongest link is personnel from Hadron, a front company, founded in the 80s, for questionable activity including germ warfare. Nearly every hospital in the world buys their products. Hadron, with Dr. Earl Brian as director, provided engineering and computer consulting services. Brian was convicted in the 1980s on fraud charges.

Both Hadron and Dr. Brian were linked with the theft of enhanced PROMIS software from its owner, the Inslaw Corporation. PROMIS was a highly sophisticated computer program capable of integrating a wide variety of databases, now reportedly mated with artificial intelligence. PROMIS was modified by intelligence agencies with a back door that allows for surreptitious retrieval of stored data from adversaries.

Bio Rad made the most hazardous medical, biological and nuclear chemicals in the world. BioRad’s Earl Brian started InfoTech, then Hadron to protect the parent company from lawsuits. MJR claims they had the capacity to bioengineer DNA based, genetically targeted pathogens – ethnic bioweapons.

Hadron tried to buy Inslaw and its PROMIS (Prosecutor's Management Information System) software in 1983. It could be used not only for cracking business, national or international computer systems through a built in backdoor, but also be modified to track money laundering.

By 1985, Inslaw was forced into bankruptcy in a DoJ investigation. When Inslaw refused to sell to Hadron, DOJ tried to bankrupt and liquidate Inslaw forcing the rock bottom sale of its assets, including PROMIS, perhaps to Hadron. Dr. Brian turned his interests to genetic research, biological technology.

This scandal was closely tied to shady dealings by Wackenhut to develop biological warfare viruses on the Cabazon Indian reservation in Indio, California. In order to develop vaccines, which sounds innocuous enough, the virus must first be created. Biological warfare viruses have to be highly sophisticated to be used in military applications.

Any type of biological research on an Indian reservation is not subject to scrutiny by the federal government because Indian reservations are sovereign nations. Wackenhut Corporation attempted to sell "biological warfare viruses" and vaccine kits to the U.S. government to be used against small countries bordering Albania or large countries bordering the Soviet Union.

William C. Patrick, III developed the process by which anthrax spores could be concentrated at the level of one trillion spores per gram. Patrick has worked with Kanatjan Alibekov, known as "Ken Alibek" since he defected to the US in 1992. In Russia, Alibek was the No. 2 expert in the FSU's biowarfare program, under Vladimir Pasechnik.

Ken Alibek became President of Hadron Advanced Biosystems, a subsidiary of Alexandria, Va.-based Hadron, Inc. Hadron specializes in “the development of technical solutions for the intelligence community.” It received millions in funding for medical biodefense research in the field of non-specific immunity from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, and the NIH.

What's New with My Subject?

©2009 Iona Miller is a nonfiction writer for the academic and popular press, hypnotherapist (ACHE) and multimedia artist. She is a participant, not just commentator. Her conspirituality work is an omni-sensory fusion of intelligence, science-art, new physics and emergent paradigm shift, melding many social issues into a new view of society. She is interested in the effects of doctrines from religion, science, psychology, and the arts. Website: http://ionamiller.iwarp.com