META HARI: The Spywhisperer

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META HARI: The Spywhisperer

Iona Miller, O&A, January 2008

“A nation’s best defense is an educated citizenry.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Modern IO is not about the old messages of psychological
operations (PSYOPS), but rather about empowering billions of people
with both information tools and access to truthful information. It is
about education, not manipulation. It is about sharing, not secrecy.
It is about human understanding to create wealth and stabilize
societies, not about the threat of violence and the delivery of precision
munitions. IO substitutes information for violence. [1] (Steele, IO)

Intelligent Desires

Intelligence is the leading-edge of culture. Yet, intelligence
isn’t what it used to be. In the Age of Information, secrecy became
obsolete because it is virtually impossible. Intelligence eavesdroppers
have no trouble reading encrypted messages intercepted from all parts
of the world, since the game is rigged [2].

90% of information is Open Source (OS), but leaves us with the
burden of dataglut -- Too Much Information (TMI) and intuitive
analysis. There is raw data, collated information and intelligence from
secret sources or not that is deliberately discovered and distilled for
a decision making process.

Actionable intelligence is very different from raw intelligence.
Constant monitoring is being replaced by pulsing and trendspotting.
Strategic intelligence is a preventive investment rather than a
punitive reaction.

Brainpower, not firepower will win the future. The primary source
of national power is still knowledge gleaned from information – the
world intelligence network. All information, not just secret
information is valuable but there are operational challenges in
collating and sharing data.

The goal of Information Operations (IO) is to use information as a
substitute for conflict, thereby creating wealth for impoverished
regions. There are six Information Operations vital for decision

· Information Operations, generally

· Peacekeeping Intelligence (reactive)

· Information Peacekeeping (proactive)

· Early Warning (Conflict deterrence, (proactive counterterrorism)

· Stabilization and Reconstruction Operations

· Homeland Defense and Civil Support (Steele)


We need a paradigm shift for what it means to work “in
intelligence,” in or out of the classified world. We can reduce the
cognitive dissonance between the two uses of the term: creative
intellectual capacity and clandestine service. Intelligence helps us
work out strategies, visions, goals, and implimentation of a desired

The question becomes, “How can we organize ourselves more wisely in
tune with each other and nature?” We need an inclusive, responsive,
multidimensional intelligence grounded in wholeness, interconnectivity,
diversity and co-creativity which is also connected to greater sources
of intelligence (Atlee).

Co-intelligence is the capacity to muster and integrate the fullest
capabilities of all involved to engage with their broad, long-term
circumstances -- especially during times of change -- by working with
the patterns of existence in ways that satisfy the deepest needs of
all. Co-intelligence is the capacity to satisfy needs amidst the ebb
and flow of life's challenges and possibilities, in harmony with the
need-satisfaction of other participants.[3] (Atlee)

In the Age of Intelligence, we understand that it means the
capacity to acquire and apply strategic knowledge, to effectively
adapt, and solve problems. Collective Intelligence is an emergent
property of global dynamics. The synergy of collective social systems
results in effective mobilization. True democracy is not ‘mediocracy.’

Knowledge Proliferation

What we need is more intelligent intelligence – collective
intelligence, collective wisdom for creating our reality from the
proliferation of knowledge. Only then can we dissolve the abyss between
the ambiguous notion of “Intelligence” as a clandestine activity and
true intelligence that leads to assured mutual survival and real
security – actual peace.

Clandestine and black operations are the shadow side of global
life, that portion of what makes society work at the primordial level
of hard truths and resistance. It is the intermediary between competing
worldviews: cultures, values, and beliefs about the nature of reality
that has been shown to be a social “construction.” Competing factions
can only have competing agendas and visions about how the world should

We would like to deny that manipulation goes on behind the scenes,
at least plausibly. Ignore-ance is bliss? Like addicts, we are in
denial of our collective urge to power. It includes issues of
imperialism, covert aggression, manipulation, exploitation, greed,
trust, vulnerability and shame at the collective level. Intelligence
has been a dirty little secret.

Whether we like it or not, we are at total war and every citizen is
involved in protecting our nation and enhancing our prosperity. We are
most effective with a common understanding of the real world based on
global foreign information acquisition and analysis. Informed citizens
acting on open source information can make a difference.

More and more citizens are unwilling to condone the old covert
paradigm. It has been turned on us in the past as discrimination,
propaganda, mind control, medical experimenation, harassment, etc. Open
Source information sharing has made The Big Lie apparent.

We have looked behind the curtain of social engineering and global
architectronics and are unwilling to hide our heads in the sand. The
emperor of inept governance wears no clothes. This confrontation,
moving toward the fear and pain wherever it occurs, brings us close to
the core of our transformative process – the essentially sacred
dimension of life.

Intelligence is always political not only because of gender,
cultural and national issues, but also more fundamentally because of
power. Political correctness aside, polarized dynamics require one
another to play out. We need to begin thinking in transnational and
transpartisan terms to move toward new paradigm vision – truly global

The dominator becomes essentially the slave of the submissive who
is needed for the other to feel and express the urge to power. One
validates and exploits the other. The secrecy that underlies The Great
Game of espionage is based in fear: its public modulation and
clandestine manipulation. This is why the buzzword of the decade is
“Terrorism”, even when it is misapplied to actions at more granular
levels than that of nation-states. The word itself has become a
manipulative propaganda trigger.

To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Remain Silent

Now, we all have the potential to be voluntary Free Agents of
Intelligence. We can work together in co-intelligence. We each have the
capacity to live well with each other and life, creatively using
diversity and uniqueness, consciously evolving together in partnership
with nature, and consciously transforming culture. Intelligence is the
ability to recognize and work with patterns of existence to generate
positive outcomes, working things out among all parties involved in a

The proclamation of fearlessness is truth. The proclamation of
truth is fearless. Fearlessness is the fruit of self-realization. To be
fearlessness does not mean to be entirely without realistic fear or
prudent paranoia. There is more than one kind of fearlessness. To
enable fearlessness is to protect other living beings from fear or

We fear what we don’t know. When we “take heart” fear subsides.
Fearlessness reminds us to respond first with our hearts, remembering
we are Spiritual Beings. You must ask yourself: “Do I dare speak up; do
I dare become spiritually active; do I dare contribute my ideas?” Our
leaders face the same challenges and that is what makes them leaders:
finding their voices in a self-actualizing self-validating kind of way.

We have been propagandized with “Fear Media.” We must face the fact
that fear is lurking in our lives, always, in everything we do. Fear
leads to anger and hate which leads to suffering and tragedy. We feel
inadequate, that our own lives are too challenging, overwhelming.
Confronting the rest of the world is more overwhelming. To be truly
fearless we have to be living in a state of peace.

Because we possess such fear, we also are potentially entitled to
experience fearlessness. We fear collapse, loss, death. True
fearlessness doesn’t mean the reduction of fear, but going beyond it
altogether. Understanding the world and its threats is everyone’s
responsibility. Self-enlightenment – wellness, wholeness -- is the
antidote to 21st Century culture shock.

Forbidden Knowledge

Are there things we should not know? There are many responses to
the impulse toward experience. We pass through the essential stage of
experience on the way to wisdom. Fearlessness doesn’t mean lack of
prudence; it means the quality of mind that allows us to face danger or
hardship resolutely with fortitude and spirit. But it remains a stage,
not an end in itself.

If no one is allowed to venture into the forbidden we cannot know
what it is like. No one is allowed to talk about, or represent it. It
becomes a dirty secret, surrounded by fear and shame. Adopting this
forbidden spirit, we even begin to hide this side of our nature -- our
urge to power and indulgence, fantasies and dreams -- from ourselves.

With this mindset, passion is twisted and turned toward anything
around us that threatens to expose this hidden reality of who we are,
what we want, how we dream, and what we desire. Is this self-denial not
the true perversion of the human spirit?

Both self-denial and self-indulgence can be toxic when they
impinge on the freedoms of others. It is important we hear directly
from these frontiers, no matter how we react to clandestine
perspectives different from our own.

Views of Reality: Hidden Information Environment

Collective intelligence exists in many contexts but is a field of
practice on its own which we can develop intentionally. Intelligence is
personal, public and political. Citizen-centered intelligence (Steele)
requires an understanding of the dynamic social forces involved. Public
intelligence is the logical outcome of the Age of Information.

The parallel tracks of roughly seven forces are running the world:
Governments, Military, Law Enforcement, Business, Academia, NGO and
Media, and Civil (Class, Religion, Labor). Each has its own worldview
and agenda which sets the priorities in its point of view. (Robert
Steele, 2006)


[1] Stelle, Robert,

[2] The NSA-Crypto AG Sting

For years US eavesdroppers could read encrypted

messages without the least difficulty

Ludwig De Braeckeleer

[3] (Atlee)

META HARI: The Spywhisperer

Heavy Meta


Uber-spook Meta Hari is a cut above - Spyentist, spycologist, rehabilitator -- the spywhisperer. The Big Picture is what matters, sniffing the currents of the global maelstrom.

Meta- Greek for "after", "beyond", "with", "adjacent", "self"). The prefix denotes a concept which is and abstraction from another concept, used to complete or add to the latter.

In epistemology, the prefix meta- is used to mean about (its own category). For example, metadata are data about data (who has produced them, when, what format the data are in and so on). Similarly, metamemory in psychology means an individual's knowledge about whether or not they would remember something if they concentrated on recalling it. Furthermore, metaemotion in psychology means an individual's emotion about his/her own basic emotion, or somebody else's basic emotion.

Another, slightly different interpretation of this term is "about" but not "on" (exactly its own category). For example, in linguistics a grammar is considered as being expressed in a metalanguage, or a sort of language for describing another language (and not itself). A meta-answer is not a real answer but a reply. Here, we have such concepts as meta-reasoning and meta-knowledge.

Any subject can be said to have a meta-theory which is the theoretical consideration of its meta-properties, such as its foundations, methods, form and utility.

In Greek, the prefix meta- is generally less esoteric than in English; Greek meta- is equivalent to the Latin words post- or ad-. The use of the prefix in this sense occurs occasionally in scientific English terms derived from Greek.

The term meta also refers back to Roman Times. A "meta" was a structure mounted on the ends of the central spina in Roman chariot races. In many of the Romance languages, the term "meta" is basically an aim or goal. Roman Charioteers would aim their chariots for this pole-like structure during their races, in order to stay on track.


Metaphysics investigates principles of reality transcending those of any particular science. Cosmology and ontology are traditional branches of metaphysics. It is concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of beingworld.[1] Someone who studies metaphysics can be called either a "metaphysician" or a "metaphysicist".[2] and the

The word derives from the Greek words μετά (metá) (meaning "beyond" or "after") and φυσικά (physiká)matter by Aristotle in antiquity. The prefix meta- (meaning "physical"), "physical" referring to those works on ("beyond") was attached to the chapters in Aristotle's work that physically followed after the chapters on "physics", in posthumously edited collections. Aristotle himself did not call these works Metaphysics. Aristotle called some of the subjects treated there "first philosophy".

A central branch of metaphysics is ontology, the investigation into what types of things there are in the world and what relations these things bear to one another. The metaphysician also attempts to clarify the notions by which people understand the world, including existence, objecthood, property, space, time, causality, and possibility.

Before the development of modern science, scientific questions were addressed as a part of metaphysics known as "natural philosophy"; the term "science" itself meant "knowledge" of epistemological origin. The scientific method, however, made natural philosophy an empirical and experimental activity unlike the rest of philosophy, and by the end of the eighteenth century it had begun to be called "science" in order to distinguish it from philosophy. Thereafter, metaphysics became the philosophical enquiry of a non-empirical character into the nature of existence. Thus the original situation of metaphysics being integral with (Aristotelian) physics and science, has, in the West, become reversed so that scientists often consider metaphysics antithetical to the empirical sciences.

©2009 Iona Miller is a nonfiction writer for the academic and popular press, hypnotherapist (ACHE) and multimedia artist. She is a participant, not just commentator. Her conspirituality work is an omni-sensory fusion of intelligence, science-art, new physics and emergent paradigm shift, melding many social issues into a new view of society. She is interested in the effects of doctrines from religion, science, psychology, and the arts. Website: