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Iona Miller's EARTH WORKS SERIES: ELF -- Electronic Investigations at Sedona Vortex


2009: For Ben Lonetree’s latest magnetic anomaly work, see

Research in Sedona on magnetic anomalies by Benjamin Lonetree, an Electrical Engineer based in Phoenix, Arizona.



Schumann Resonance In Sedona

Sedona From A Visitor's Perspective



Nexus Magazine, Vol. 12, No. 2 Feb/Mar ’05, Int’l; Mar/Apr ‘05 North America.

Investigating Vortex Theory & EM Signals with Ben Lonetree
Ben Lonetree and Iona Miller, May 2004

Arizona-based electrical engineer Benjamin Lonetree uses sensitive instruments to tune into, record and analyze the Earth’s electromagnetic signals and notes that our ancestors were much more attuned to these subtle vibrations than we are today.

Briefly, I use the Earth as an antenna to observe and record Ultra Low Frequency signals as they pass through the Earth. It is known that electromagnetic signals under approximately 3 Hz. travel through the Earth as if it were not there. In other words, the Earth is a good conductor at these frequencies. My newly designed equipment not only allows me to observe signals traveling through the Earth but also Earth Magnetic Field disturbances, Solar activity as it impacts the planet, precursor earthquake signals, meteorite showers, and on and on. ~ Ben Lonetree

The Earth calls to each and every one of us with her pulsating siren song, desiring us as we desire Her, commanding our biology as only She can. Electrical Engineer, Ben Lonetree is an artist as well as a scientist – a natural philosopher -- one of the few people on the planet who can detect and read natural earth signals in, on and through the atmosphere and Earth. He is a deeply spiritual person with a resonating mind who likes to call these signals “Mother Earth’s Voice,” and he means it in a thoroughly literal manner.

Perhaps his Native American background and his admiration of Ben Franklin’s famous electrical experiments indicate a special sensitivity to these siren calls; or maybe it comes from his youthful “enlightenment” when he was struck by lightning. In any event, he has the inclination to listen, and listen carefully. And now this technoshaman wants to speak, and tell the story of his own conversations with Mother Nature.

What ELFRAD researcher Lonetree found has both confirmed and disproved a number of popular theories about changes in our planet, and how She communicates in the most fundamental way with the creatures She hosts, including ourselves. Ben’s work has taken him into biofeedback, government projects, high tech laser cleanrooms, as well as into computer science, fluid power and dynamics, electronic engineering, medical and experimental design. His work has been lauded by NASA and MIT. Lonetree’s intuition is that the Tsunami in Indonesia was caused by a 1-year-old X-40 Class Solar (2.8, 2.9 Hz) Flare which occurred about 1 year prior. It heated Earth's tectonic plates in that region and it took some time for the Earth to 'respond', so to speak.

Arizona-based Lonetree conceals his real name only to protect his innocence, not an idle paranoia, having discovered this the hard way and paid the price. He has recorded and identified many mysterious signals – forbidden knowledge -- in the course of his highly original work and claims seeing some even stranger phenomena from triangle craft to underground installations. But some things are better left unsaid. Suffice it to say, this man is a walking X-File! ~ Iona Miller

My name is “Benjamin Lonetree” and for more than a few years I have been observing natural Earth/ionospheric electromagnetic energies at ULF (ultralow frequencies), ELF (extremely low frequencies), and VLF (very low frequencies).  Though the discovery of SR frequencies is attributed to Schumann (1952) it was known and exploited by Nicholai Tesla years before.

This work centers on natural effects, how geomagnetism affects SR in a given local geographical area. I learned by listening to Roswell radar I could hear and record the sound of a meteorite burn as it traveled through the atmosphere. My customized equipment recorded Ultra Low Frequencies of the burn but only at the end of its demise.

My equipment has also proven effective to observe and record the affect on Schumann Resonance during earth-directed CMEs (coronal mass ejections), or solar flares. As they impact our planet’s magnetosphere, science has speculated there is a clipping of the lower edge of the first Schumann Resonance, which occurs at a frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz. This frequency varies slightly due to seasonal differences in the height of the ionosphere above the surface of the earth.

SR is the product of continuous global lightning strikes. Lightning and I have a long relationship. I have been super sparked once but there were a few near misses at different times. I remember as a kid I had a tower along side my parent’s home located right next to the well. I noticed my tower loved storms enough to usually be hit. I thought it would be neat to observe static buildup so I constructed a screen 3 ft. by 3 ft. and mounted it horizontally mounted and connected to the well casing. Several inches above the screen I mounted another parallel to it but connected to the tower. As storms approached especially at night I would head outside and watch the sparks fly between the screen grids. Then on one fateful night, one particular storm intensified and the tower took a direct hit. The screens were darn near vaporized but the submersible well pump was “fried” along with the screens. Needless to say, my Dad forbade me from any more Ben Franklin experiments. I think Ol' Ben would have been proud of me ...

Each of the seven Schumann Resonances occupies a bandwidth of 1 Hz. In other words, each of the resonances are 1 Hz. wide: 7.83 Hz, 14 Hz, 21 Hz, 26 Hz, 33 Hz, 39 Hz, 45 Hz. I have observed and recorded the clipping action others have speculated on. Rather than the heartbeat of Earth itself, which is 10 Hz, I call this the “voice or song of the planet”.

Using other sensitive equipment at VLF frequencies, I recorded one of the HAARP Project’s first on air tests in 1999. I wasn’t looking for it, but there it was among my regular readings. The result of this test, along with HAARP’s VLF insertion experiment of March 2002, can be found on my website.

Along with the HAARP data, you will also find my downloadable online book, Seven Subtle Vibrations. I plan to add many things to this book, such as proving the Schumann Resonance is NOT changing nor moving toward the Beta brainwave frequencies, as some wildly speculate without accurate data monitoring. The facts speak for themselves. Originally targeted for the Sedona tourist trade, the book focuses on how the first Schumann Resonance may be enhanced in a given area due to the action of geomagnetic energy peculiar to that area.

If you look at a simple audio speaker and break it down, you will find the cone (the paper part), the diaphragm, and, located behind the diaphragm, a coil of wire. Behind that coil lies a large permanent magnet. Audio is passed through the coil located between the diaphragm and the permanent magnet. As the coil produces a vibration of the diaphragm, this vibration is enhanced by the magnetic field produced by the permanent magnet, audio produced by the vibration of the diaphragm is then amp flied by the paper cone. Certain geophysical conditions also function like amplifiers and speakers, making the natural electromagnetic ‘voice’ of the planet louder.

I could explain the principle in greater detail, but will keep it simple. What is important to remember is that the permanent magnet plays an important role in the amplification of audio in a speaker. Much of my research is based in Sedona, Arizona, famed for its so-called vortex energies. I chose this location as it is rich in iron oxide, silicon and magnetite, nature’s natural magnet. Sedona is one of America’s most spectacular places to visit, known for its natural beauty, red colored mountains, as well as the ochre soil.

Due to ancient tales and high concentrations of iron oxide, the locals in Sedona tout the wonders of their famous vortex energy. At first I thought this was just a ploy to attract tourists, but I was to learn different. Prior to visiting Sedona I met a gentleman from the Navajo nation. He asked if I had been to Sedona yet, as “that is where the Earth speaks.” His statement, I would later prove, is very true. While it is an oft-told tale, proving it scientifically is something else.

Shortly after our meeting I decided to hike Sedona with its many miles of trails down serpentine ravines and narrow canyons. As on most of my adventures I brought along my VLF receiver and a compass. I hiked late into the night, as after sunset and before sunrise are the best times for listening to our atmosphere at VLF frequencies. My site discusses VLF phenomena in greater detail. It was on this first outing while listening to atmospherics an hour or two after sunset, I heard and recorded the HAARP test I mentioned earlier.

Another anomaly I noticed on this occasion as well as others was the fact that atmospherics were noticeably stronger (louder) at certain locations along the trail. This was not always the case, though. I began to wonder if the increase in the strength of the atmospherics had anything to do with the infamous vortex energy. Being a scientist at heart, I had my doubts. But on later hikes, I noticed my compass could not locate North. During times of increases in atmospheric strength I also noticed in the same location, when atmospheric strength (loudness) decreased, my compass once again found North.

At first I thought I must have been sitting on a large deposit of magnetite. Just as I explained, a permanent magnet of a speaker is part of the amplification process in a sound system, so I suspected a large quantity of magnetite beneath my feet. The VLF receiver attributed the increase in strength to amplification of the atmospherics. This theory could not be correct though, for if it were, atmospheric strength would be enhanced all the time when I recorded at this particular spot. Such was not the case.

With my original theory implausible, I thought about other potential causes for the phenomenon. Though I still was not convinced in the reality of vortex energy I decided to explore the possibility to either prove or disprove its existence. A bit of research on geomagnetism (magnetism produced by the Earth’s molten interior) proved to be a possible lead.

Surveys conducted by the USGS (United States Geological Survey) indicated there were locations on this planet where there exist vortex-like acting inflows and outflows of non-polarized magnetic energy. Non-polarized means no North or South pole as in a regular magnet. The out- or inflow is simply pure magnetic energy in dynamic motion. In order to prove my theory, I would need additional equipment known as a fluxgate sensor. This particular instrument is used for monitoring the Earth’s magnetic field as well as any other source of magnetism.

As I awaited the shipment of components to construct the fluxgate instrument, I spent time discussing vortex energy with a number of Sedona residents. They described while sitting or simply being in the presence of a vortex, how their mind changed; a feeling of calm and being at peace came over them. Today I have come to agree with them, as I have experienced precisely the same feelings on more than one occasion. It is not only my personal subjective experience, but also what my equipment ultimately recorded.

As mentioned previously, the first Schumann Resonance occurs at a frequency of 7.83 Hz. This frequency also happens to fall between two of the human brainwaves, Alpha and Theta. There are four altogether: Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Theta. When our brain is functioning restfully in the predominantly alpha/theta zone, we become more relaxed or peaceful. The human brain acts like an electrical circuit called a phase-lock loop. A local external (outside the body) electromagnetic signal, as long as it is stronger than our brainwaves, initiates a resonance effect where the brain locks onto and resonates at that frequency.

My thought was that if the first Schumann Resonance were in some way enhanced in the area where a large geomagnetic outflow occurred, it should be possible for the first Schumann Resonance to affect a person’s brainwave activity. That first signal again lies between alpha and theta. Simultaneously observing and recording the first resonance along with local field geomagnetic activity using the fluxgate instrument, while the equipment and myself were located in a Sedona vortex later proved this theory. What others have long conjectured, I was able to demonstrate conclusively.

I have also recorded what I believe to be influencing magnetic energy. I have seen the first Schumann Resonance increase in strength while the geomagnetic outflow of energy increased simultaneously. I am curious as to what happens during out- and inflow, but my research has been curtailed for the time being.

I finally processed the data I recorded -- two spectra from Kachina Man and Woman. I think what is happening is I recorded the magnetic interaction between the two. First there is a series of smaller magnetic outflows finally ending up in a large magnetic inflow. What rock formation is producing what I do not know as of yet. I will have to use two fluxgate sensors, one located at Kachina Man and the other at Kachina Woman to tell. I suspect though Kachina Man is producing the outflows and Kachina Woman the intense inflows. When you sit between the two you feel an indescribable balance. Ying/Yang, Male/Female, whatever you wish to call it. I climbed about a third of the way up Kachina Man and lay on a flat outcropping of rock. If you look at pictures of Kachina Man at dusk you will see what looks like a head. I was located just below the head. My body became extremely heavy as I lay there and I had to forcibly will myself to move and sit up. I had extreme feelings of vertigo temporarily. This is one heck of a powerful spot! At any rate you can see there is interaction between the two. These formations line up precisely North and South; Kachina Woman to the North and Kachina Man to the South.

You may wonder how an electromagnetic wave, such as Schumann occurring below the range of human hearing can be perceived by humans. There are several schools of thought on the subject. Good sources of information on electromagnetic energy as it affects the brain and body can be found on Dr. Michael Persinger’s website at Laurentian University in Canada at, and on the website of James Beal, a researcher on human EM sensitivity, at

Czech electrical technician and biotherapist, Jaroslav Novak claims (12-2004) to have found a relationship that he can monitor between SR and a biological parameter (BP). Though further research needs to be done, “Jarda” is confident that this strongly suggests that SR and ELF EM fields do have a provable influence on living organisms. SR changes over correlated circadian rhythms and other cycles of time. He keeps his biological parameter confidential at this time while developing an inexpensive home monitoring system. The BP is a weak signal that requires 100.000x amplification but demonstrates biological changes in confluence with changes in SR, Novak says.

Research conducted by a medical doctor acquaintance of mine on the subject of sleep disorders and fibromyalgia has shown subjects suffering from these disorders have higher than normal levels of magnetite in their inner ear fluid. Females have the highest concentrations at 80% of the tested subjects. So, gentlemen – have respect for the female of our species, as she is more than likely very sensitive to the influence of subtle yet real energies we males cannot perceive.

Since normal human hearing covers a frequency range of 60 Hz. To 20,000 Hz. It is clear to assume signals occurring below 60 Hz. are perceived through other means, if noticed at all. The mechanism may include the magnetite found in the inner ear fluid, or as other research like Dr. Persinger’s may show, the signal is directly perceived by the brain. By now you should have a basic understanding of my research and the extreme sensitivity of the equipment used.


The plausibility of certain electromagnetic field effects on humans can be explored at The webite provides the following Abstract of United States Patent No. 6,506,148, which quickly establishes a benchmark for these biological effects. It is titled, “Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors” and was awarded on January 14, 2003, to Hendricus G. Loos of Laguna Beach, California.

Abstract: Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near 1/2 Hz or 2.4 Hz, such as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes, when displaying pulsed images, emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal. The image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program. For certain monitors, pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity.

As an example of subtlety, Schumann Resonance is 20,000 times less in intensity than the earth’s magnetic field. “The Voice of the Planet” is indeed subtle today. I believe since it is known the earth’s magnetic field was much stronger thousands of years ago, more than likely Her voice was much stronger – more compelling, less diluted by EM pollution.

I believe our ancestors knew how to listen. One of Dr. Schumann’s (discoverer of SR) students believed the human nervous system developed as it did through evolution by being subjected to the Schumann Resonances. Our four brainwaves suggest as much since they fall in the same range of frequencies. All except Delta (deep sleep) that is. Delta occupies a range from 1 – 3 Hz. A special note: signals lower than 3 Hz. Travel through the earth with ease. They propagate better through an earth media than they do in the atmosphere.

"Schumann Resonances, a plausible biophysical mechanism for the human health effects of Solar/Geomagnetic Activity" states that - König, a student of Dr Schumann, took readings of the SR signal. He observed the close similarity of the SR signal with the EEG alpha rhythm, both of which dominate the daytime, and the local sferics 3 Hz signal with the EEG delta rhythm, that dominate the night, König (1974a). The close similarity, including the diurnal pattern and extensive laboratory experiments, prompted König to postulate that the ELF brain waves had evolved to use these natural signals, König (1974a). (page 5) and König also found that a superimposed epoch analysis related to the arrival of 3Hz. signals from locally generated thunderstorms showed significantly slowed reaction times. This was tested and confirmed in a series of laboratory experiments using human volunteers. König found that with a range of field strengths, 1 to 5V/m, the "3Hz" signal consistently slowed people's reactions and a "10Hz" signal consistently accelerated people's reaction times. Reactions were also correlated with the more objective test for galvanic skin response (GSR), using a 5 V/m 3Hz signal, König (1974b). (Page 17)

My equipment has recorded two other anomalous signals that fall within the range of Delta. One occurs a .9 Hz. or 9/10 of 1 Hz. And the other occurs at 1.82 Hz. These signals or waves of energy may be what are called Alfven Waves, micropulsations in the magnetospheric plasma. The one at .9Hz. is observable quite often. The other at 1.82 Hz. appears for a short time immediately after or toward the end of a magnetic storm. There is so much to learn about this wonderful planet.

Another belief I have is the atmosphere is a good place for mixing of signals. When two mix you have the sum and the difference between the two plus the fundamental. I have already proven that signals, be they natural or manmade occurring at Ultra Low Frequencies also obey a few acoustic laws. I have recorded SR in canyons but have also seen ghosts of the fundamental SR that I believe are reverberations off canyons walls etc. The Taos Hum may be such a product. Mixing and a very strong ghost signal are the product of the 60 Hz. power grid. The Taos Hum web site "Eskimo" has a few wave files of the Hum. I have analyzed the waves with my software here and what I see is basically a derivative of 60 Hz.

My gut feeling on both signals is they are not waves of electromagnetic energy, but rather a gentle oscillation of the Earth’s magnetosphere. Imagine the magnetosphere being impacted by the energy wave from a solar flare. Just like throwing a stone into water creating ripples, our magnetosphere may oscillate from the impact of energy from the sun.

Another possibility is instead of an oscillating magnetosphere perhaps one or every one of the layers of planet Earth’s atmosphere oscillate. Though it may be hard to believe, Schumann Resonance actually exerts a slight pressure on the surface of the planet. Again, I believe our ancestors were attuned to these subtle vibrations. Since electricity was first put to use for the benefit of mankind, manmade electromagnetic pollution has increased hundreds of thousands of times, dramatically nullifying our perception of, or ability to connect with all the subtle energies we drew upon naturally.

As many cultures have said, “we are truly connected” to this planet. But we are not only connected to her earthly body. In her breath, which is the atmosphere, we can hear her voice if we but only remember how to listen.

* Most Western music is based on the equal tempered scale and note “middle C”. Is it possible that the musical scale can be traced to Schumann Resonance? Human audible range is 30 – 20,000 Hz.

* In ancient times geophysical EM phenomena were 20 times stronger. Did ancient people have a first-hand knowledge of these SR vibrations that resulted in psychosensory systems such as the Chakras and their correlated musical notes and frequencies? One model suggests the following:

7.83 Hz ~ B# (7.7167 Hz) - Crown

14 Hz ~ A (13.75 Hz) – 3rd Eye

21 Hz ~ E (20.601 Hz) – Solar Plexus

26 Hz ~ G# (25.956 Hz) – Throat

33 Hz ~ C (32.703 Hz) – Base

39 Hz ~ D# (38.89 Hz) – Sacral

45 Hz ~ F# (46.25 Hz) – Heart

Base > Crown: C, D#, E, F#, G#, A, B#

Crown > Base: B#, A, G#, F#, E, D#, C

* Research in Flagstaff brought me in contact with a Navajo elder, who asked if I had experienced Sedona – “where the Earth speaks”.

* The monitoring of SR on a continuous basis would make it possible to observe global warming by noticing any changes in the Resonances.

Integrative biophysics has shown that electromagnetism can also be used for resonance healing. Ancient methods of resonate healing may have prefigured bioelectronics by millennia.

Leane E. Roffey, (1994) states,

“As of the time of this review over 150 studies of "healing energies" have been reported in which the energy parameters were specified and controlled. …Some researchers have measured electromagnetic (EM) signals emanating from the hands of healers which are within the same frequency range as human brain waves. There are some indications that a correlation exists between atmospheric oscillations, brain waves, and biological EM emissions. Understanding the nature of this correlation may enable us to characterize and further utilize various types of "healing energies". The paradigm for the application of these energies may develop into a basis for a variety of existing complementary medical practices. Integral portions of biological systems have been shown to be semiconducting, ferromagnetic and piezoelectric. The biosemiconductor, together with the drift of charges, ions, and radicals, may be considered as a form of "bioplasma". Bioplasma may be subject to magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) control. The EM fields emitted by trained healers may be considered as coherent, resonant biomagnetic emissions by which a less coherent EM field of the patient is "tuned" to the specific frequency and phase, and through which homeostasis can be "aligned" to induce "healing". “

Physicist Richard Feynmann said: "It’s our responsibility to do what we can, learn what we can, improve the solutions and transmit them. It’s our responsibility not to leave freedom to the men of the future… As scientists that know the enormous progress owed to a correct “philosophy of the ignorance”, and the one due to the freedom of thought, it is our assignment to proclaim the value of this freedom, to teach that the doubt must not be feared, but greeted and discussed. To demand this freedom is our duty in front of all the generations that will come."


Roffey, Leanne (1994),"The bioelectronic basis for "healing energies"; charge and field effects as a basis for complementary medical techniques", in M.J. Allen, S. F. Cleary & A.E. Sowers (eds.) Charge and Field Effects in Biosystems -- 4, pp. 480-497. Singapore: World Scientific. As of 1/14/05,

About the Author: Benjamin Lonetree holds several degrees in the fields of electrical engineering, telecommunications and data acquisition. 

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